May Your Days Be Merry

Merry    Happy    Blessed

These are all things we wish each other during the Christmas/New Year season.  But sometimes the season is not merry, happy or blessed.  Sometimes it feels quite the opposite.  How well I have felt the opposite.

This year I have said goodbye to two men very close to me.  We were not related, but for all intents and purposes we should be.  I have friends who have parents and spouses in the hospital right now hanging on for dear life.  Where is their merry, happy and blessed?

I know where it is.  I know exactly where to look.  I know that despite any circumstances this world throws at us; the merry, happy and blessed happen.  Emmanuel.  God with us.  God with me.  God with Ashley.  God with you too.  He didn't leave us alone to suffer through our hardships.  He came to be with us, always.  The King of Glory shed his majesty to be born as a baby; live a complete life; and give Himself in payment for the sins of all; for my sins and for yours.  I love remembering that you can't get to the cross on Golgotha without going to the creche and the manger.  Remembering that Jesus always could have given himself an out at any age, and didn't, fills me with hope. 

Do not be afraid  

Have you ever noticed that when an angel or the Glory of God shows up that those are the first words uttered?  The phrase "do not be afraid" is uttered over 70 times in the bible, that's at least one per week for us.  :)  I think the people are afraid when the encounter God's glory because it shows us how truly small, unimportant and sinful we are.  We are told not to be afraid.  We are told to enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. (Ps 100:4)  Oh come all ye faithful, joyful & triumphant....  I am triumphant, not by anything I have done, but by what He did when He told me not be afraid.

I am very sensitive to words.  (especially when they are paired with music)  I don't know why, it's like the music intensifies the words, and they just reach down and touch my spirit.  I cry every time, and I mean every time I sing Christmas carols.  This year I was so amazed by the wisdom of the original writers of some of the most sung Christmas hymns.  That's what the carols really are.  It's praise music and it's beautiful.  Go look at some of those song lyrics and really study the words.  They are truly amazing & so spot on biblically.  

I need my merry

I am coming up on 16 years since my momma died.  16 years I have been parentless.  It was one of the saddest times in my life.  I look back at that barely 25 year old parentless young adult.  I have so many things to tell her.  I see her trying to carry her family and grief, and I want to tell her to put it down and pick up the joy the Lord has given her instead.  She doesn't need to worry, she is not as alone as she thinks she is.  She has experiences that will bring peace to others as they walk in her shoes.  She just needs to allow God to give her peace and rest.  It's part of his promises, and He always keeps His promises.  I wish she would have listened, but hindsight is always 20/20.

So today dear reader, if you are wondering where your merry, happy and blessed are, do not be afraid.  The Lord wants to give them to you no matter what your earthly situation is.  He loves you and wants you to know it beyond a shadow of a doubt.  May His peace find you.  May His rest surround you.  May His love calm you and give you joy.

Celebrating the happy, the merry and the blessed in life!


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