Watch Your Mouth...or Is It Your Brain

I need to learn that when I haven't had a lot of sleep I do not need to write on this blog or anywhere else.


They say that if you drive while you're very sleepy it's almost like driving under the influence.  Well, I guess that applies to writing as well.  I need to learn to just say no.  I wanted to get the pictures on Pinterest of the Magnolia leaves I used on the buffet table & wanted to have a blog posting to go with it.  Well, that went well didn't it?  Thankfully a friend called me out...Allyson...yesterday over my phrasing.  I heard how I wanted the sentence to sound in my head, and it was fine.  But, the transfer to the blog was disastrous!  After I got over my mortification I had a pretty good chuckle.  I know y'all all laughed at me, so I might as well laugh at myself too.  But no worries, I promptly fixed it.

I told everyone I had a huge breakfast & then I pooped.  So not what I was trying to say.  Sleepy brain, ugh!  I meant to say that I hosted a huge breakfast & because of it I was pooped.  That is a little different than what I originally wrote.  I was rereading the posting a few hours ago & realized how crazy some of my sentences were written. was BAD!  I put that I am cute & not the leaves on the table.  One sentence was hosed up so badly I couldn't make heads or tails of it.  No more writing while sleepy.  

You will be happy to know that I'm not as tired as yesterday.  I have lots of children, a husband, and a dog, which means I'm always tired, like everyone else I know.  :)  Next time I write something that sounds like I've started drinking massive amounts of alcohol, y'all please let me know!!!  All you have to write in the comments below is 'watch your brain' & that will be our little code phrase that what I've written is coo coo for Cocoa Puffs.

Oh well, if that is the only thing I have to worry about today, my life is pretty darn good!

Celebrating Life & watching my mouth & my brain,


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