Well, I Didn't Expect It to Go By That Fast

How do you cram 20 years into 400 words or less?  How can it even come close to everything Hopson & I have experienced together?  In truth, it can't.  But, I'm going to give it 'the old college try'.

I met Hopson at Auburn.  We were on a double date, with different people.  My life was about to change forever & he remembered my name.  It's funny what a difference it is when someone calls you by your name.  I will never forget that day.  Hopson was helping to build Fiji Island.  He was shirtless (which was not a bad sight); he smiled at me and said 'Hey Ashley, I'm Hopson'.  We talked for a bit & I went to visit my friends at the house.  May 7th my dad passed away & I was thrown into a funk.  I didn't a pretty good job hiding it, but I don't remember a lot from that summer.  Hopson says he called me to go on a date with him in June (I think), and claims I stood him up, but I don't remember it.  Then he left...

Well, Hopson hasn't
changed all that much...that's fair.
As I mentioned, some of my high school brothers were his fraternity brothers.  Hopson came back to Auburn after being an advance man on the Bush/Quayle campaign in '92.  It was early December, he had no classes, and the Fiji Christmas party was coming up.  He was trying to figure out who he was going to ask as his date, and he mentioned my name to my friends from high school.  I'm glad they're my friends.  The encouraged him to ask me.  So I get a phone call from a guy I kinda remember to go to his fraternity party with him.  Sure, why not.

Needless to say, we had a great time.  My gift was the envy of everyone there.  He gave me finger bubble blowers.  I was nice and shared, but I had fun with them.

Fast forward 20 years.  We are now the parents of four.  As of today, three teenagers and one preteen.  We have walked through sunshine (a lot) and rain.  We've realized that we work better as a team.  He is the voice of reason and I am the voice of emotion.  We can argue about things without fighting. (most of the time)  It's funny when we're arguing the same point.  The children give each other perplexed stares.  Our quirky habits can be bothersome, but we hash it out, and decide to live with them.  It is better than the alternative.  He is messy, and I am so not.  I am bossy, he is the boss.  I have to have 7 blankets on me when I sleep, he needs only a sheet.  My feet are always cold & he lets me stick them on him to warm up.  And, I like it when he plays with my hair.

Last night we went to one of our favorite restaurants for our anniversary.  We were sitting at a table for two.  Don't ask me when the last time that happened, because it doesn't.  To my left was couple on a date who had just graduated from college.  I'm a pretty good eavesdropper.  They had that youthful look to them like in our picture above.  To their left was a couple about 20 years older than us.  I guess that is what we will look like at our 40th.  Surprisingly I feel contentment thinking about the next 20 years.  I know there will be many joys.  I also know we will experience some heartbreak, I pray it is only the minimum.  We have always said that as long as we can face something together, we will weather whatever comes our way.  As we looked at the couples sitting beside us, we decided the waiter must have made a mistake because we should have been sitting in the middle of the three.

Here's to a wild and crazy ride so far honey daddy.  May the next 20 years bring us more love than we can stand.  May our family grow and the branches of our family tree stretch to make room for more.  I love you very much.  Thank you for a memorable first 20.  And, thank you for always letting me put my cold feet on you to warm up.  :)  It's the little things that count the most.

Celebrating 20 years of Life together!



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