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AMEN!  Well, something happened today that I never thought would.  But before I tell you what child #1 did, let me preface it with the next paragraph.  Don't skip it, especially if your a momma.

You know all the years you spend training your children.  Say yes'mam and no'mam; say please and thank you; put your napkin in your lap; chew with your mouth closed; hold the door open for ladies to enter before you do; hold the door open for the people coming behind you; look people in the eye when speaking to them; speak clearly; give a good firm handshake because no one likes a dead fish grip; excellence in everything...and the list goes on, and on and on.  I'm wondering if the reminders never end, because even when they become young adults (and maybe sometimes middle aged adults) a momma never stops wanting her children to have good manners and act like a normal human being.

I witnessed a miracle today!  Hop actually said thank you to Hopson and me for teaching him manners.  (We have to thank Betty Moss also!  She teaches a manners class for children when they get into the 8th grade & she is incredible!!!)  Yes, he really did say it, and the child is only 19!  We were on our way to watch the local minor league baseball game & I about drove off the road. And yes, it did make me smile. Manners matter & a first impression is always the most important.  He said that he never appreciated all that we had taught him until he had to work with people who were not taught any better, and had no desire to change.

Can I tell you how thankful I am?  Can I tell you that for one child to understand that is HUGE!  And that he 'got it' before his 20th birthday.  I know technically we're batting 25%, which is not great, but hopefully the other three will understand it before they turn 20 as well. I'm pretty competitive so I need to be at 100% and nothing less will do.  :)  I think I need to do the dance. (remember the dance from Evan Almighty?)

Well, it's waaay past my bedtime, but I just wanted to share this victory with y'all, because I'm truly on cloud nine right now!!!

Celebrating the little things in life!


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