...And That's Why I Make the Big Bucks

Anytime I do something that falls under the mommy job description (that means anything that the rest of them have trouble doing) and am successful, I always tell the fam that that is why I make the big bucks.  There are days I wonder if they just expect it of me or if they really appreciate it.  I mean how do you really quantify finding something that's lost?  I guess it's up to the person searching for what is missing.  Cleaning & cooking are much easier, but you get my drift.

Well tonight was a big win for me personally.  Not cooking for 8 days has spoiled me.  I have to admit, I really like someone bringing me my dinner and cleaning up.  No wondering what in the world I'm going to cook & not spending an hour cleaning it up.  Now it's back to the old grindstone.  So, this afternoon (around lunchtime) I was trying to figure out what to feed my people.  You know what I do in that situation, I go to my fridge, freezer and pantry to see what I can dig up.  Chicken, check.  I have mangoes and peaches that must be eaten today.  Ok, what can I make, what can I make?

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This what I decided:  Grilled chicken with a homemade mango peach salsa, roasted brussel sprouts and/or green beans (for my non sprouts eating folks) and biscuits.  I have never made a mango/peach salsa, so I need to google that.  (I really love google, can I just say that?)  Found a great easy recipe that also included a dry rub for the chicken.

Ok, for those of you who know me well, know I don't ever follow a recipe, like ever.  I'll follow the spirit of it, but this is my way to be a rebel.  It makes for a terrible baker (which I stink!) but not too bad a cook.  A little of this & a little of that.  :)  You also know I'm a somewhat lazy cook.  I'll change something up just to make it a little easier.  So, of course that is what I did tonight.

I first made the salsa.  Cut mangoes & peaches, not brain surgery.  The recipe called for fresh cilantro & 1 fresh jalapeno.  I had neither, so I used dry cilantro & 6 jalapeno slices that I diced very fine.  Last you need a dash of salt (kosher of course) & juice from one lime.  I didn't know how the lime juice would taste, but I have to say the salsa was pretty dang good.  Salsa in the fridge to let the flavors come together.

Onto the chicken.  The dry rub called for all this funky stuff & I don't do funky or packets of spices if I can make them at home.  This is what I did instead.  I first squeezed the mango pits over the chicken to coat them in the juice.  It's pretty thick and it helped the spices to go on evenly.  Now, I dumped the spices onto the chicken so if it didn't smell right, I just added what I thought would be good.  I used:  cumin, chili powder, cayenne pepper (just a smidge), cilantro, kosher salt, a little sugar and garlic powder.  I made sure all the chicken was coated by turning it over and over until it was even.  Into the fridge to marinate.

When it was time to cook dinner I grilled the chicken & put the salsa on the side.  (Harry asked for my homemade ginger sauce, which of course I made.) Veggies on the plate along with a biscuit (made from bisquick, I know it's pathetic, but I was short on time) and there you go.  Dinner is served.  They gobbled it up; licked their plates & I was very happy.

...and that is why I make the big bucks. :)  Not only did they get dinner, they received it with a smile.  I like smiling, smiling's my favorite.  (can you name the movie?)  Well, I have a few more things to clean up, so I best get to it!

I hope you had a smashingly wonderful day!!!

Celebrating life & serving the fam,


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