Where is the Time Going?

The freshman, 6th grader,
senior & college sophomore
This  year has been a haze.  How is it already June???  I mean, I know May flies, but we are almost half way through 2014.  Yeah, I don't think I like it, except that means we are a little over 6 months away from my birthday.  :)  December 26th, you gotta love it.  Sorry, rabbit trail!  But seriously, do you know why I don't like time moving so quickly?  It is because my kids are growing up too fast.  I worked so hard to get them all independent & then when they get really fun they leave.  :/  Not only do they leave, they really love their independence.  Hop only came home a handful of times last year, and now we are going to be getting Harry ready for the same thing, thank goodness I have another year with him. But...

We are about to start another year of lasts.  Harry's lasts.  Not ready!  He'll be getting his senior portrait stuff in the mail soon, and that is the first last we face.  As of today though I have a college sophomore, a senior in high school, a freshman in high school & 6th grader.  I'm that mom.  No more little kids in the house.  I have one tweener & that's it.  And in August I'll be down to 2 teenagers because Hop will be 20!  I thought I was still 20...or 29.  (Well, most of my body feels 29, my right knee feels like it's 80.)  I look at all those moms with little kids & tell them the same thing moms of older kids told me so long ago.  Hold onto everyday, because you will turn around & all your children will be grown up.

So far the summer has been quiet.  Hop is working full time, Harry & Elizabeth are in summer school trying to get ahead & so Henry is the only child at home.  We've had the discussion that this is what his life will be when E goes to college in four years.  He will become the big OC.  Hopefully within the next 5-10 years our family will grow some more.  :)  And not because I'll be pregnant.  Praying for my future daughters & son.  More love to go around.

I will say the first 2 weeks of summer have been great.  I know the next two months will fly as we prepare for Harry's senior year.  Lord please help me remember everything he needs to learn & know before he leaves the nest & please help me remember to document EVERYTHING!

Celebrating life & fun with the fam,


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