Hot Crazy Mess

This weekend my younger two children are participating in a youth Discovery weekend at a church close to our home.  We have lots of friends that go there, so E & Henry will have a great time.  Harry is fishing with his grandfather & a friend, and Hop is still working.  Hopson & I should be childless for the weekend...but we're not.  We volunteered to keep seven 9th grade boys.  Most of whom we know & love.  Boys are easy.  Throw some food at them; let them run around & then unwind with shooting pool or watching tv & they're good.  I could do seven 9th grade girls, but I think the boys are easier.  Since we have three boys, we kinda know what to do a little better.  Plus, Elizabeth is not your typical girl.  She is very low maintenance thanks to her brothers, and that has spoiled us terribly.

This morning while we were waiting for all the boys to finish showering & come down to eat breakfast, Hopson showed me a hilarious video. (well, I thought it was hilarious, anyway)  It is a guy showing how to graph women based on their hotness vs. craziness.  It's not a dirty video, but it is not for young children.  If you have an older high school son/daughter & above, they would be fine watching it, but not middle school.
At the end of the video he also talks about trying to find the perfect guy & what women look for.  The graph for guys of course is much simpler, but the concept is somewhat similar.

If you want a great laugh this Saturday, you will want to watch the video.  Click HERE to see it.  Remember that it is meant to be funny & not personal, unless you are one of the crazy ones.  Just kidding.  It's all in good fun.  And, let's admit it girls, there are those out there that make us all look a little crazy.  :/

Celebrating Life & Enjoying the Laughs!

PS~Yesterday was Hop's 20th can I be old enough to have a 20 year old???  Happy birthday Hop!  Love you bunches!!!


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