525600 Minutes - 102

How do you measure a year in the life?  Yesterday was 9/11.  Do you remember?  Do you remember where you were that Tuesday 13 years ago?  I do.  It took 102 minutes from start to finish.  102 minutes that have changed everything for the United States of America.  I still can't talk about it without crying.  I'm not from New York and I didn't have a family member killed that day, but my heart hurts just the same.  I so wish I could forget, but our country can never go back.  I imagine this is how my grandparents felt about December 7th.  

I watched a special last night on TLC about the 102 minutes.  It was foreboding knowing what was going to happen.  I was heartbroken knowing that the firemen I saw on the screen probably did not make it out of the buildings alive.  I could feel the panic among all the people filming & watching the first tower & then the pandemonium that erupted when the second plane flew into the second tower.  At first there was the unknown question of why is one of the towers was on fire.  Paper everywhere, shrapnel coming off the building; billows of smoke; fire; people jumping....  I remember when I heard someone on tv say there were people jumping, my heart dropped.  Then you see it, the second plane coming in & directly smash into the building.  I saw it happen on tv.  I thought I was dreaming.

For her history class, Elizabeth had to ask me questions about that day.  How am I supposed to pinpoint just one thing?  Because I can't.  Can anyone who is old enough to remember that day just choose one thing that defines that day?  There is one image that I think of immediately as how we as a country felt that day.  I have scoured the internet looking for it, but can't find it.  It is an American woman who was in England on 9/11.  Someone hung a US flag from a tree & you see her holding the flag to her face & weeping into it.  When I think of that day, I think of how we all mourned as a country, no matter where you were.  I noticed there was no looting that day.  There was no added violence outside of the 4 terrorist attacks that I remember.  There was a singularity of being and purpose.  We were Americans & we stand together.

For the year of 2001, our country lived 525498 minutes, because we died a little that day.  102 minutes, that's it.  4 planes, 2 skyscrapers, 1 government building, 1 field in Pennsylvania.  102 minutes that have defined us for 13 years.  It's time for us to remember why we were crushed that day.  We need to say 'No More' to the terrorists that brought this to our doorstep.  It's time for the sleeping giant to awaken, and we need to be the America we were on 9/11/2001.

Celebrating Life & living in the great country in the world,




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