Check It Off Her Bucket List

Holy daughter is an internet published photographer!  And not just by me on this blog or on her webpage...see, I know what you're thinking.  :)  Now, don't get me wrong, I love to use her photography, but as her biggest fan & biggest critic, she really does have an eye.

There are wonderfully talented people in my community.  Artists, artisans, home decorators, fashion consultants, writers, and the list keeps going.  It really is amazing as I stop and think about it.  There are many of them who use their talent, not only to make something more beautiful, but a chance to share about the One who gave them the talent.  It's pretty cool.

One of those people is Buffy York.  Buffy started a very popular blog called The Style Gathering, and features a talented Godly friend, Laura DiFatta, as one of her guest writers.  How Elizabeth came to meet Buffy, and now be a photographer for her is, to me, a pretty cool story.

This past spring, after Elizabeth's 14th birthday, we enrolled her in a photography class.  Hopson & I felt that she has this nice camera & she needs to know how to use it properly.  I could stumble my way through auto-focus, but I wanted her to learn the ins and outs of her camera.  So, every Thursday for 8 weeks, I took miss priss to her class.  I thought the teacher would just be walking them through the basics of digital photography.  Oh no, they had weekly projects.  So, on top of her regular homework, that child was taking her lampshade off, using forks and eggs and laying down in the middle of the street to get "the perfect shot".  All the students had to submit their work online & it was critiqued by the teacher.  I think I would cry.

The pressure of getting the perfect shot would probably cause me sleepless nights.  Not E.  She loved it.  At first she felt a little weird because everyone in the class was old enough to be her parent or grandparent, but she got over it very quickly.  It's amazing how, when someone looks at something you've done and tells you that it is good, it will boost your confidence.  (1 Timothy 4:12)  Elizabeth loved the class, and guess who was also in there...that's right, Buffy.  Elizabeth remembered her from class & actually sat by her at a fundraiser that they were both involved in a few weeks ago.

I was talking to Laura last week & asked her if Elizabeth could take pictures for the blog.  I have been following the blog & loved the pictures they have featured by other photographers.  I figured there was no harm in asking...the worst thing they could say was no.  Laura was extremely sweet & passed on my message & a few days ago E received a text from Buffy to meet her yesterday for a shoot!  Well, today, miss priss has her pictures published on The Style Gathering.

She was so excited she couldn't wait to tell me.  She was at dance and sent me the text you see on the left.  That child is on cloud 9.  Congrats to my crazy snapper.  (if you've ever been around her when she's taking pictures, she does snap those photos like crazy!  you can tell she digitally trained & not film trained.)    If you get the chance, head over to The Style Gathering & check it out, you'll be uplifted & glad you did.

Celebrating life & little girls seeing big dreams come true!

PS ~ I'm going to take just a minute to brag on the oldest & youngest for just a sec!

Congrats to Hop for this photo making the AUDM Instagram page.  He was one of the MCs last year & had a blast.  All money raised goes to the Children's Miracle Network.  So proud of my not so little kid.  :)  Just in case you couldn't guess, he is dressed in a Spartan cheerleader costume.  College kids...they crack me up!

Congrats to the youngest, Henry, for being awarded good citizen for the first 9 weeks of school.  Only 4 students were chosen from his pod & he was one of them.  :)  I think you're a pretty cool kid Mr. Hen!   



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