College Edition: 2.1

Well, it is a great day in our house.  Another child will be leaving the nest & heading down to the loveliest village on the plains in the fall of 2015.  Harry received his college acceptance "letter" today.  I have letter in quotation marks because you now find out if you get into college by logging onto the school website.  It's very endearing...said no parent ever.  How am I supposed to have a picture of his smiling face with said letter?  Should I take it with him holding his phone or in front of the computer?  I need paper.  (Kinda like I need a real human voice...)  I need to see the words: "Congratulations Harrison!  You've been accepted for the incoming freshman class to Auburn University".

I am excited for him, paper acceptance or no.  He has no idea what he is about to step into, but I know he and Auburn are going to get along splendidly.  Things have changed a lot in Auburn, but the spirit remains the same.  I love the Auburn Creed & hope that Harry will take the time to live out everything it says, because it's a really great way to go through life.  Now he is joining a much bigger family...the Auburn family.  It's hard to not get excited when your child is going to your alma mater.  I would hack off my arm to go back.  Those were some great years.  I remember how my dad was when I received my acceptance letter.  He was more excited than I was.  Harry is 4.2 to go to Auburn on my side.  (4th generation 2nd child)  I wish my parents were alive to celebrate with him too.

It's hard to see my babies grow up.  They start to leave as they get fun.  :/  Just had to share the happy news.  Congratulations Harry, I'm proud of you!  You're kind of a cool kid.  War Eagle!!!

Celebrating the big things in life,


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