A Month of Changes

I has already been a very busy August for the fam, and we have had some pretty big changes around here in the first 9 days of the month.  But, I have a few questions first:

1.  I'm wondering why & when my children grew up.
I don't remember giving permission to.  I remember wanting them to become self sufficient, but not grow up and leave.  I realize it's a natural progression, but each time it happens I'm shocked it's here.  They leave when they are getting really fun, so it's kind of a bummer.

2.  I don't remember telling them they could age past 20.
Hopson turned 21 August 1st.  I don't know how that happened.  I distinctly remember being 21 yesterday, so how is it possible for me to have a 21 year old?  I asked my in-laws why they were so old.  ;)  They know I'm teasing.  I mean, if I can't be old enough to have a 21 year old, they aren't old enough to have grandchildren that old, right?

Can I tell you how quickly 21 year have passed.  In a blink of an eye fast.  I guess that's why the bible calls our lives a vapor.  Like I mentioned above, Hop just turned 21.  I can't believe that he is that age.  When I look at him I still see my little 2 year old buddy with his sunglasses on jumping into his car seat to go run errands with me.  Now he is a man.  A man that can legally drink alcohol...yeah, I can't be that old.  Right before we left for Auburn Friday, Harry came back into the house to grab his juicer.  He looked at me & said that Hop wanted to borrow it to make homemade margaritas.  You know, there are just some things a mom doesn't need to know & that is one of them.  Good choices please!

August 7th brought another huge change for the fam; we moved Harry to Auburn.  Yep, child #2 is now a college freshman.  I didn't cry while I was moving him in, because I was too busy sweating trying to get him all settled.  It was a normal summer day in the south, hot and humid! Luckily, I learned a few things after moving Hop in 2 years ago, so this move in was a little easier & Harry's room in his dorm is on the 1st floor.  Thank the Lord for little things!  I took him out to lunch & when we arrived at the dorm I jumped out of the car to hug him bye & then I cried.  And then I started praying...a ton!

Harry has been chomping at the bit since last August, so the fact his freshman year has already arrived has thrown me for a little bit of a loop.  I just thought he wouldn't be leaving so soon.  My little guy with a Buddha belly, is not so little anymore.  He's now starting to spread his wings.

I'm glad he and Hop have each other.  They will start off  seeing each other a lot.  Hop is Harry's pledge trainer, so I know he'll be pushed and taken care of at the same time.  It's amazing how your prayer life changes when the birds leave the nest.  Prayers for wisdom, safety, and that they remember that they can always call home if they need anything.  How I miss those 2.  We still have Elizabeth & Henry, but the house is just a little quieter these days.  It's just time marching on & it's weird.

Oh well, I can fight it or embrace it.  So I'm going to enjoy this ride we're on because it's fun to see how they grow up!

Always Celebrating Life!



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