I'm Watching You...Always Watching

Come close children, 
please draw near.
I have a cautionary tale 
you all must hear.

Your words and pictures 
that you post online,
You should assume it will be screen shot
and shared many times. 

Friends will see and share and talk
about what you have done,
And it is with one careless act you caused
your reputation to drawn through the mud.

If pretty is as pretty does,
and it's your character that matters.
You need to look in the mirror closely
because your beauty has been shattered.

Be careful then what  you post,
because it can ruin you in a blink.
Remember these important words,
and before you post, just THINK.

T~Is it True?
H~Is it Helpful?
I~Is in Inspiring?
N~Is it Necessary?
K~Is it Kind?

"The internet is written in Pen not Pencil.  Think before you post."

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I love Roz from Monsters Inc.
I'm just SMH.  Do kids ever realize that everything they post online has the potential (and probably will) be shared?  I mean come on.  Have they not seen what's happened to others?  Have their parents not warned them about what they post?  How many people's reputations have been ruined over something they've done on the internet?    And, if any young people are reading this, yes, people will screenshot your snapchat posts and share them. (or whatever is the latest and greatest app you have to share your selfies and what you're doing every minute of everyday.)

Be a nosy parent, and not just a little nosy.  Be a lot nosy.  Check all the social media you can, and have other parents joining you.  My  kids will show me, from time to time, what other children have posted on social media sites, and we as as a whole are not doing what needs to be done to help our children think before they post.  Some of it is downright shocking.  You know who some of the worst are?  High school & college kids.  Um, yeah, it's bad.  It's like they forget that there are repercussions to their behavior.  And don't think that I think my kids are squeaky clean.

There's also a ton of bulling that goes on at every social media site.  It is even happening in "private" group me's.  It's gotten out of hand, and unfortunately I don't foresee it getting any better.

I think I'll ratchet up being a nosy mom for my kids.  They can think of it my early Christmas present to them.  :)  My mantra will be #sorrynotsorry.  Because, said children will have to get a job in the real world one day, and employers look at your social media.  They want to know what kind of person they are hiring.  And, I may or may not have someone in my house that will get me to snoop for him from time to time.

So before you post, just THINK!

Celebrating life,


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