Walking Across the Room

I know this is my third post this week.  And yes, I'm just as amazed as you are.  But something happened to me today & yes, it relates back to my Honduras trip.

Each morning, someone would give a devotion/message/challenge.  One morning, one of the men challenged us to, just walk across the room.  He is reading a book by the same title & told us that for each person it would look different, but as believers we're called to share Christ.  If you are shy, walking across the room (WATR) may be you talking to someone you don't know.  It might be sharing your testimony or praying for someone you just met.

WATR is recognizing the moments God has placed you in & using your life moment for His glory.  Well, today I had one.  Through a series of unimportant events, I ended up at the FedEx distribution center in Birmingham.  A box my company was shipping was going to a nonexistent address & I had to get it so it wouldn't end up being shipped back to Tampa.  Was I upset?  Yep, I was.  I missed my favorite workout classes that are only offered only 2 days a week, and I really need to be in the gym.  Eating the wonderful food in Honduras did not help my waistline.  I found out I had to pick up said box at a funeral yesterday.  An out of town funeral.  Insert unhappy face emoji here.  :(  But, we believe in great customer service, so this morning off I go.

I walk into the guard shack and gave a perky good morning & how are you, because that's what we do in Alabama.  In America, 99% of people will tell you they are "fine" even if their world has gone to hell in a hand-basket.  I've said it tons of times when I should say differently.  This sweet guard, I'll call him David*, looked at me & said "I've been better".  Ok, he did not give the standard answer.... What do I say?  Where do I look?  I was SO uncomfortable.  I told  him I was sorry & just kept quiet.

As different drivers came through the guard shack to start their day delivering for FedEx, each asked David how he was doing.  Each time he said 'horrible', or 'not too good', or 'terrible'.  Ok God, I get the hint.  I looked at David & started off just chatting.  Why I was there and about sad situations.  I asked him since he was having a bad day if I could pray for him about anything.  What I found out is that he was hurting and feeling terribly rejected.  Once I looked, I saw it in his countenance, and it made me sad.  I didn't wait to pray for him.  I grabbed his very large hands in mine & prayed for him right there as people were coming into his guard shack.  He needed the only WATR the love of Christ can give & I decided this man needed to feel it & so what if I looked like a crazy bible beating Jesus freak.  If the shoe fits (please!)...but I want mine to be a cute wedge.  ;)

Since I had my business card on the desk, I decided to give it to him so he could email me with any other prayer needs he has.  Will he email me?  I have no idea, but I want him to know he's not alone. David my new friend, I'm praying for you.  I'm praying for Jesus to bind up your broken heart & heal it like only He can.  He is the living water.

I would encourage you that when God give you the opportunity, WATR.  Open your eyes to those hurting around you.  Once you do, you will be changed as well.

Celebrating life's opportunities to share God's love & walk for Him,
*name changed


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