A letter to my Children

My dearest children,
I want, need have to write  you this letter.  I want to apologize.  I realize that I am not everything  you need in a mother, and I have done you a great disservice.  I have not taught you how to do things that will be needed as you get older.  Today my inadequacies became blaringly clear.  While working to keep our home clean and in working order, I walked into your rooms and came across huge messes.  I had hoped that some of my type A personality had rubbed off on each of you, but alas, it is not to be.  You wallow in your filth and don't think twice about it.  Clothes, papers, money, candy wrappers (and you know how I feel about eating upstairs...) all over the place; your bathrooms are piled high with you stuff.  The playroom is full of dirty socks, discarded shoes, empty coke cans, plates (and you know how I feel about eating upstairs...), unfolded blankets, sofa pillows in disarray.

I have tried to teach you four to pick-up after yourselves.  When you take something off that is dirty, put it in your dirty clothes basket; when I work hard to wash, dry, and fold your clothes, please put them up immediately; don't throw them on the floor, or shove them into any free space you can find.  Everything has a place & it needs to be put in that place.  If you have friends over & you are in the playroom; and we allow you to eat pizza upstairs, your job is to clean up after said friends.  After you eat anytime, you should rinse and load your dirty dishes without being asked.  If you cook something, clean up your mess, and if the dishwasher happens to be full, grab a few extra hands and unload it. 

We love you all very much, but you need to realize that daddy & I are not going to be going to college with you.  You will be responsible for yourself.  I won't be there to tell you to change your sheets; wash your clothes; eat your veggies; say please and thank you; do your homework; when you say you will do something, do it with excellence; make sure you tithe and go to church.  These are decisions you will have to make on your own.  Based on your rooms today, I'm scared, so I will redouble my efforts to make sure you are all prepared as you make your way to adulthood.  May the Lord grant me wisdom and strength.

I love you very much,


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