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No, I Didn't Cry...Until Today

Last night Hop graduated from high school.  No, I didn't cry.  I was very proud of myself.  I was so excited for him.  I remembered when it was my turn to walk across the stage to receive my diploma, and how excited I was.  I focused on his excitement.  I thought about how hard he has worked to get to this point.  How could I cry?

Then there was today.  Yep today.  Hop is leaving Saturday to go to DC for a summer internship.  I wrote about it; I know you're shocked.  I was fine as long as I stayed focused on him graduating, but when I thought about my little chick flying the nest, I started crying.

We are up in his room.  I'm helping him go through some last minute packing and asked him if he packed his favorite hat.  (Tahara, it's the distressed Rebels hat.  :)  I think of you every time he wears it.)  I couldn't finish the sentence, and I couldn't hold it in.  The tears came.  He's excited, I'm heartbroken.  Not the bad heartbroken, just the one that…

What Are We Doing???

I read this article yesterday & had to share the link. It's about us raising a generation of wimps.  As a psych major, this kind of stuff interests me to no end.  Especially because I realized all this in the early '90's when we were telling parents to never say no or don't to their kids; don't spank or raise your voice; give your kids what they want; and your kids are all winners.  I didn't really buy into the hype back then.

I'm the mean mom & I have decided to wear the badge proudly.  In our house, if you do something boneheaded, you will get laughed at.  Not with, but at.  Then we will make sure you're ok.  Hopefully you'll start laughing too & forget that you hurt yourself and/or made an idiot out of yourself. 

My kids fight like siblings are prone to do.  We don't stop it & if one hits another, which doesn't really happen anymore, we tell the one hit that they can hit back (I know, the horrors) but they better run fast…

It's Just Life

21 years.  That's how long it's been.  21 years since my sweet roommates came to get me out of class to let me know about my dad.  Kim had to drive me home because my leg was in a full leg cast.  You know what I've decided?  21 years is a long time. 

So much has happened in that much life has happened.  Before you tell me that my parents have been watching everything from heaven, please know I know that.  Trust me, it's not the same.  I'm not trying to be mean, but there are days I just wish my parents could physically see and talk to my fam.  It's just life.

You know I didn't even think about my dad when I woke up this morning.  I was focused on life with four kids in May.  May is crazy.  I finally realized that today is his angelversary when I was driving carpool & was trying to remember if Hop had an AP exam today.  I remembered E needs tights for her recital this weekend & the big boys have their team party next Friday night & I h…