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When I Grow Up

For the last 24 hours, Harry has had the Real Care baby from his Family Consumer Science Class.  He came in my bathroom this morning asking if we could watch church from home.  He REALLY didn't want to walk into church with a baby doll in an infant carrier.  Reluctantly, we decided to watch church & it's a good thing we did.  The baby decided to cry three different times during the service.

If you're not familiar with the Real Care Baby, it is supposed to simulate...a real baby.  (insert shocked face with wide eyes)  It cries, and you have to figure out if it:  needs to be fed, or needs its diaper & clothes changed.  (hold on the baby just started crying.  Ok, I'm back.  She is hungry.)   It goes off at random times.  Some people have babies that will wake up a ton during the night & others have quite a bit of work during the day.

Now in reality, this is just a taste of what parents go through when they bring a newborn home.  There is so much no one tells y…