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It's Time to Man-Up

Can I tell you how upset, frustrated, angry I am?  I am tired of adults, men and women, having children they are not willing to take care of.  I don't care about the circumstances you had your children under, what I care about is that you man-up and take care of them.  It's time for you to stop saying you want to be an adult and just act like one.

I was reading an article online  about the surprising number of children who are at risk from toxic stress.  They are saying this stress can "change the brain and it can interfere with learning and lead to disease in adulthood".  This is not normal stress:  homework, activities & school.  This is children seeing and experiencing things a lot of adults haven't been through.  The numbers listed in the article are staggering.

Here's what they say & this is directly quoted from the article:
More than 1 in 4 U.S. kids experience a serious traumatic event by the age of 16, including abuse, neglect and household or …