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Well Good for Fair Fanny Petro

This is one of favorite sayings from the movie, The Help.  The way Skeeter says it with just the right touch of 'I don't give a flying monkey's behind' is perfect...I.mean.PERFECT.  And you have to say it like  you are from 1960's deep south.  Which means you don't really pronounce your r's.  Here's the clip from youtube.

This is a saying I'll say sometimes if somebody is talking about something I don't give two shakes about.  I thought it just a few hours ago as I was listening to the radio.  But to back up just a bit so you know why I said it...

...The older I get the more I don't  understand our fascination with Hollywood stars, musicians, and people who play collegiate/professional sports.  Most of them are not worth our time of day.  There is a large portion of them that are just, well, trash.  If they were living in your community, and were just a plain Jane normal person, you probably wouldn't have anything to do with them.  I mea…

If You Like Pina Coladas...

...the smell of coconuts, the ocean breeze, the sun shining on your face, long walks, eating fresh seafood, people watching, or taking drive in a convertible, do I have the destination for you!

Hopson likes for us to get away if we can for a few days each year or two.  Just us, no rugrats.  We love said rugrats, but sometimes mama & daddy just need to decompress. 

He booked us a few days in the Florida Keys.  When we left Thursday, it was cold and rainy.  When we landed in Miami, it was in the high 70's and sunny.  Thank you Lord for the sun!  I don't think I had seen it in almost two weeks.  I'm sorry, do I live in the pacific northwest or the deep south?  Right now I'm leaning toward the pacific northwest just with southern accents.  It's been a crazy wet winter.

We wound our way through the maze called the Miami airport to get our car.  No lie, it took us 30 minutes from the terminal to where the rental cars are.  I will never criticize the Atlanta airport…

I Heart You Valentine

I know Valentine's Day was 4 days ago, but I have to write about Henry's class party.  His teacher did something so wonderful and different & I loved it!!!

Now, before I talk about the party, I need to let you know some things about how I view Valentine's Day & school Valentine's parties.  I absolutely abhor Valentine's day.  Well, abhor may be a little strong.  I dislike it...a lot.  We didn't celebrate Valentine's day in our house.  I don't want one day a year to show Hopson I love him.  And, I do not think that Valentine's should be given from parents to children.  That's just my opinion, and it's my blog & so, yeah, there you go.

I love it when Hopson brings me flowers for no reason, or if he surprises me when I've had a really bad day.  I've actually saved every one of them.  I have different containers around the house that have all the dried buds, and each bud speaks to him thinking of me.  Sorry...rabbit trail, or…

Wait, What Did They Get???

You know how I feel about little precious.  :/  It really bothers me when little precious thinks that he/she can do anything they want whenever they want.  And you know that we don't have that problem in my house, car, or when we're out in public. 

When the chicks were little, and we would go to:  Wal-Mart, the grocery store, out to lunch/dinner, to a department store, OK, basically anywhere we went, they would get one warning to behave/mind  your manners in the car before we even stepped foot anywhere.  I would not, and have not hesitated to take them into the bathroom and let them fully understand my displeasure at their attitude or disobedience.  There are too many of them and only one of me & I don't have time to chase you or deal with your attitude.  Just behave and everything will be fine...or I'll discipline you, and then everything will be fine.  The little chicks are old enough now that all I have to do is use my 'mommy voice' and they know that t…

Son, Do You Know Who You're Messing With?

Raising Godly men in this day and age can be difficult.  The prevalent environment of today is for men to be feminized.  I think I'm just gonna say, um, no.  My boys are going to be Godly chivalrousmen.  They are going to treat women for the princesses they are.  Because you know what?  You need to know who your messing with.  Each girl is a princess to the King of Kings, and I don't think you want Him mad at how you treated one of His prized possessions.

I was talking with Hop about it the other day.  Our pastor said something in a sermon last year that really hit me hard.  It was a message to the young people about dating.  He told the boys to treat their girlfriend how they want their future wife to be treated by whomever is dating her.  I know that sounds so weird, but when you wrap your mind around it, it makes total sense.  That also means that whomever you are dating...treat her like she belongs to someone else.  God has placed her in your care for at least a little whi…

Pretty Pretty Girls

I have to say, my boys have great taste in girls.  The girls they hang out with (and date) are just as pretty on the inside as they are on the out.  And to this momma, that's a big deal.  We don't have time for mean girls around here. 

A BIG telltale sign about the kind of girls they are is that they are kind to little siblings.  They never complain when the little ones want to say hey, or get excited that other teenagers are in the house.  Elizabeth mentioned that she feels like she has a lot of brothers because of all the guys who come in and out of the house.  The girls are just as nice.  Hop's girl friends, and his girlfriend, Stephanie, are always sweet to the little ones.  Thanks kiddos!  Mama Nance loves you for this!!!  Last night after Sadie Hawkins, Margaret & Haley wanted to wake up Henry last night to say hey, and they pulled in Harry to help.  Any chance Harry has to harass his younger siblings is fun for him.  Um, thanks girls, I think.  Henry was not v…

Love Me Some Frog legs!

No, not the kind you eat.  Yuck!  Although, my MeMaw used to gig, cook & eat frog legs.  That's like eating Kermit, and I just can't do that.  Well, maybe now I could.  Kermie I think has become a socialist.  How about you just love the pig and do your little show?  But, I digress.

I love Intellectual Froglegs.  I know I've talked about him before, but hey guess what?  I'm going to talk about him again.  Joe Dan Gorman is hilarious & hits the nail right on the head. His allegiance is to God, truth and freedom.  Yes JDG, I'm right there with you!  And, I'll have a double of what ever you're having!  It's good stuff.

Go check him out, he loves Jesus, he loves America, he's southern & he's awesome.  FTL, in his latest video he uses a song Eddie Murphy sings in Coming to America!  It's great & makes me want to watch the movie!  Click HERE for his latest video.  And don't worry, he doesn't just talk politics to hack off li…