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Someone Needs to be Slapped

Just a heads up, this is going to be a rant.  I'm going to be discussing things that are not for children.  I'm disturbed, and since this is the place I come to get things off my chest, here we go.

A few years ago Hop took AP Psych as an 11th grader.  Harry will take it this year.  It's a great class, and a great intro in psychology.  I love psych, it's what my degree is in.  (I really loved abnormal psychology.  Partly it was my professor and second it was just plain interesting.)  Hop suggested that I read a book that he read for the class called:  First Person Plural, My Life as a Multiple.  I'm thinking to myself, that sounds like a really interesting book.  I knew people created multiple personalities when something very traumatic happens to them when they are young, but I was not ready for this.  It was interesting, but at the same time very disturbing.

This poor man was molested starting at the age of four by his grandmother, his mother, and other male figu…

Better to Ask for Forgiveness...

...than for permission.  Right?  Well that depends on what you're asking forgiveness for.

Harry, Harry, Harry.  He's so crazy.  The child is 16.  All we heard when he finally turned 16 is how he can't wait to drive all by himself.  He can't wait to drive his car.  (He and Hop had to share for a few months, he made it sound like it was the most horrible thing he's ever done.)  Well, six months have come and gone since Harry's sweet 16.

I'm thinking, Harry's arrived.  He's going to be super happy.  He has wheels that are his own, and he can take care of getting himself from place to place.  Yeah, that was my mistake.

Cash burns a hole in that child's pocket.  He thinks, I have it, I shall spend it.  (Insert big eye roll here.)  So Harry calls me one day a few weeks ago to tell me he's going to a friend's house that lives about 30 minutes away.  Mommy brain goes into overdrive here.  I'm thinking to myself; why in the world does he need…