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Pretty is...

Hello dear readers; long time no write.  I have been writing, just not on here, but that's a different subject for another time.

I was scrolling through social media today.  (I hate social media, have I ever said that?)  Well, I do, and when I get on it, I keep asking myself why am I here?  Don't I have laundry to wash/dry/fold & put away, or a dishwasher to unload, or dinner to cook, or toe jam to get up off the floor?!  Apparently not, because I just kept on scrolling.  I'm trying to really limit my time on FB, except for I Mom So Hard, those 2 are hi.lar.i.ous!  Their new one on bathing suits must not be missed.

Ok, well that was a little rabbit trail, sorry!  I was looking at several things on Facebook:  1. pictures from my youngest's 8th grade banquet & 2.  a blog posting from another mom.  I'm just going to discuss #1 & have 2 thoughts on the subject.

First, the 8th grade dance pictures.  Everyone looked very cute, but for the life of me I still …