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Throwing Kindness part 2

So, I was watching the news this morning.  Of course they started talking about national politics and what members in both parties were doing, and I'm just done.  The fighting and negativity is uncalled for.  These people are supposed to be some of the smartest in our country, but in some ways the are just doltish.  Here are some things I've learned during my five years subbing & now working in my school.

1.  I don't agree with everyone's views on things, and that is ok.  What our country has lost is the ability to agree to disagree.  I may stand on the completely opposite end of the spectrum on an issue, but I'm not going to hate you for it.  That's stupid.  We can agree that we stand on different sides of the isle, and maybe we can find somewhere we agree.

2.  "You're never fully dressed without a smile." ~Annie 
I love the university I graduated from.  I love it for so many different reasons, but one of the main ones is because we had somet…