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No, I Just Can't

If you've read my postings before, you know I'm not shy about giving my opinions about things.  I'm not a big fan of being wishy-washy.  Yeah, I know, you're shocked.
What  you might not know, is that I don't publish all of my posts.  Sometimes I use it as a way to get my thoughts out of me so I don't choke on them.  You know how some thoughts feel like they're on instant replay?  I just have to get them out.  Then I can take a big breath & hopefully move on.
One thing I need to get out, which I posted on Facebook last night...
Teenagers & college age kids, please don't post selfies of you & your friends on social media sites with cute little tornado sayings.  For those of us who are living it, it is not cute and not funny.  When so many have lost their lives and/or lost everything, I don't think you're being cute.  If you have any comments, feel free to talk to some of my family members who survived the tornado in Tupleo.  That same…

Bet Maaam...Maury's On

Harry Harry Harry.  My 17 year old quick witted, sometimes smart mouthed and who is the child who is clever in his arguments.  I hope he becomes an attorney, good gracious he would be a great one!  He's the child that thinks that the worst thing you can say is no & no doesn't always mean no from the parental units.  His cute clear blue eyes will look at me & say bet maaam.  (it's really but mom & it's what Cartman says on South Park, but it sounds like bet maaan.)  Because I tend to see things in black & white, it's hard when he pushes his limits.  Black and white ~ good, you know where you stand...shades of grey ~ bad, too much unknown.

Harry told me today that he hasn't had the chance to watch his favorite show, Maury Povich, in forever.  He loves to talk about what's going on on the shows.  He comes down and says with a grin on his face & little laugh to his voice:  "OK mom, you're not going to believe this.  There is this w…

What Is Going On Up In Here?

As you know, the fam has a new puppy.  Love our Allie.  She's so precious & just a mess.  Tomorrow will be two weeks since Als came to the fam.  It's just a crazy life with a puppy.  Love it, but as I wrote in my last posting, I'm just glad it won't last forever.  Of course she already has several nicknames; everyone in our fam has nicknames.  Allie's are:  Allie Cat, Als & Allie Girl.  Harry calls her Dumbness.  It's to match Bella's nickname of Stupid.  (Harry's friends call Bella Stupid too. :/)

But my oh my, what is going on up in here???

Because of the puppy, Bella (the Chihuahua) has become the neediest older dog.  We've had to move her food bowl into our bathroom because Allie will gobble her food down & then muscle B out of the way to eat her food.  So, Bella now eats in my bathroom & will not eat unless someone is sitting there with her.  :/  Yeah, that's just what I have time for, to watch the 5 1/2 year old eat her foo…