My Green Thumb Friend

My friend Cathy has the greenest thumb.  Her yard is immaculate and she grows the prettiest flowers.  She is a master gardener & you can tell because her yard is mac-daddy.  I appreciate people who grow things because I kill everything.  I would love to have that talent, but when I try to grow stuff it just dies.  :/  I'm also am highly allergic to poison ivy & every time I dig in the dirt I get covered in it.  Boo poison ivy!

Cathy's boys, David & Joe are good friends with Hop & Harry.  Hop said he and David made the mistake of offering to water her flowers for her last summer.  He thought it would it would be just a few live plants like we have at home.  Not with a master gardener...lots of living plants that need water in the very hot Alabama sun.

Cathy and I did a tablescape for our community's annual Dogwood Festival luncheon today.  Actually she did most of it, I was her helper bee.  (spring has exploded in Alabama & it's gorgeous!)  Cathy did the centerpiece with the fresh flowers from her yard.  The centerpiece was incredible & smelled heavenly.  Everyone came over to see who did it.  I had a great time bragging on my friend and her talent.  I always have fun spending time with Cathy.  She makes me smile.  I love her boys too, they always come over and make themselves at home.  Love it! 

It was a beautiful day spent with good friends.

Celebrating Life!


  1. I thought yall's table was awesome.

  2. Your table was even prettier in person! You are both very talented ladies! (Loved your dress too!)


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