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She Bought Into the Lie

If you haven't heard about the hullabaloo concerning Miley Cyrus, I'm going to assume that you live under a rock. Many have said that it's just sad that we are focused on her than on the other major problems going on in our society right now.  I have spent many hours thinking about the whole sordid affair & this is what I realized.

What Miley did was to show us the underlying problem with Hollywood, the music industry & progressives.  (Yes, I'm bringing politics into it.)  You know what the problem is?  Moral relativism.  What MC did was nothing new.  The same thing happened in the ancient societies of Greece & Rome.  Although I doubt the ancient Greeks or Romans had flashing lights, pink plush dancing bears and foam fingers, but they did  have problems with: drugs, abortion, political corruption and many other social problems.

Miley showed us the hedonistic, anything goes, just do what feels good to you philosophy propagated by the aforementioned groups.  …

God is in the Details

A few nights ago Elizabeth was working on some history homework.  She is in 8th grade & studying ancient history.  She was working very hard on her project & wanted to show it to me.  Yes, wonderful, I love to see your homework and how excited your nerdy self gets.  (that is a compliment by the way, we love nerds in our house.)  As I looked over it & made her correct her spelling errors, I realized that God is in the details.

It was a really cool moment for me.  You know the ones where He kinda takes your breath away as He reveals Himself to you.  If you've never had a God moment like that, you need one.  Talk about awesomesauce, well that is it.

What God revealed was one particular time on her sheet...the fall of the Babylonian Empire to the Persians in 539 BC.  Yes, that is a pretty innocuous date to us, but do you remember who was living through it & what was going on?  I heard God whisper to me...Daniel.  O.M.G., Daniel!!!  I had more fun sharing God's word…

Everyone Calm Down & Get Some Perspective

Hello everyone out there in cyberspace.  Long time no see...or hear...or write...or whatever it is.  We've had a great summer, it flew!  We successfully moved Hop to college; Harry is happy he's the oldest in the house.  :)  Elizabeth & Henry are doing great as well & Honey Daddy & I are wondering when we started getting so old.  I have to say, age agrees with him.  He looks sexy wise with that smattering of grey hair.  Very 007.  That's the update on the fam, just in case you wanted to know.

Some things have been happening around here & I just wanted to share a picture or two with you I saw on Facebook or Pinterest (I can't remember which) about perspective and youth sports.  You can put any sport you want to into the 'needs perspective' category:  football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, golf, volleyball, dancing (have you seen Dance Moms???) or even tiddly winks.

I think a lot of times we as parents just get too worked up about youth sports.…