It's just been one of those days

You know the day I'm talking about...the ones that start off bad & just get worse as the day goes on.  Yeah, that has been my day.

I should have known it would be bad when I woke up at 3 am.  No real reason.  My eyes just popped open and I was awake.  I tried to tell myself that I really needed the sleep & that I was going to regret it come 3 pm, but sleep was a no go.

I did get some exercise in, so that was a plus.  But...

Have you ever noticed that there's always a but?

Around 6:30 or so I basically lost my mind & logged onto a phishing website through an email on my phone, and entered my credit card numbers.  If I had tried to enter the website from my desktop, like I should have, I would have found out that it was bogus.  Note to self, don't be such a gullible dufus.  I spent HOURS on the phone with pay pal, my credit card company (which I truly love by the way.  Yes, Capital One, it's what's in my wallet.), and the bank.  Yeah, it was a blast.  I basically had enough time to take a shower before I drove carpool today.

Driving carpool, I'm focused on my children a little more than driving, and didn't notice the traffic policeman telling me to stop.  You know it was the:  "How was your day?  What happened in class?  Oh really.  Do you have any homework?"  those kind of things.  I was not going fast, but I just rolled right by him.  As I was going, he was very angry, yelling at me & hit my car with his fist.  Really, you're going to do that?  Honey vs. vinegar my friend.  If  you would have asked me to roll my window down and told me to pay attention more and look for you in the street I would have felt even worse.  Instead I really just wanted to get out of my car and...oh yeah, I forgot you were here reading this. 

Onward & downward...

Taking E to her first destination for the day & as I'm sitting at a red light I hear tires squeal & 2 pretty loud booms.  I look in my rear view mirror & see the car behind me swerving to the side trying to avoid my car.  Thank goodness I did like Coach Dunn taught me in driver's ed, oh so many years ago, and left myself an out.  I gunned my car & pulled into the turn lane before I could get rear-ended by the person behind me.  Think Tommy Boy "whoa, that was close". 

Ok, so I avoided an accident, but...there's that pesky but again...I noticed as I am driving children around to get them where they need to go that my gas indicator was below the little red line with the E by it, and I don't think that E stands for Elizabeth.  Great, because by the time I noticed it I was stuck going downhill, Just in case you didn't know, in a Suburban, going downhill buries the needle below the line.  Please don't let me stall, please don't let me stall, please don't let me stall.  No stalling, but I had to turn off the air and put the car in neutral to roll down the hill.  Yeah, it was great.  At least it wasn't raining.  See, silver lining.

I'm home now, no worse for the wear.  So, I'm going to bed in a couple of hours & I'm going to forget about today.  I'm going to pretend it didn't happen.  Tomorrow will be like a do-over, except it will be tomorrow and not today, which really makes it completely different.  Ok, I just confused myself.  Don't judge me, I've been up for almost 16 hours already.

It's just been one of those days.

Still celebrating life,


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