The Fam

You are meeting the fam up close & personal.  Sometimes they love it & other times, not so much.
These are my main reasons I celebrate life!

This is me with Hopson
AKA Honey Daddy.  Smart, articulate, a true man's man.  He doesn't back away from a challenge & has passed that onto our children.  He can fix anything, and with four active children, has had to.  He's the thinker and I'm the feeler in the family.  We balance each other out pretty well.  We've been married for over 20 years, and try to be a team as we raise our little family.  As of 2017 we are both a little greyer, a few years old & hopefully a little wiser.  We're still a team as we walk with our children into adulthood.

Hopson (little Hopson)
Oldest child, Guinea pig & the thinker...deep thinker.  I think he gets it from his dad.  Almost has never met a mental challenge he can't overcome.  (except physics...he hates physics.)  Loves to debate politics, question things & keeps me on my feet.  I think the phrase 'just because' drives him nuts.  His first sentence was:  "read more mommy".  He sets  a great example for his younger siblings & could not have asked for a better oldest child.  He is the one who first gave me the beloved title, mommy.  Hop loves to quote movies with me & indulges me when I get crazy, which is more often than not.  As of 2017 Hop has graduated from college, has a job & an apartment.  I can't believe I have an adult child!

2nd child, full of personality, self-claimed "favorite child", somewhat incorrigible & has never met a stranger.  Has gone to the store & come back with 3 different stories of things that have happened.  Can make me laugh at the drop of the hat, and can mimic just about anyone.  Will ask for everything because his thought in life is that the worst thing you can say is no.  When he starts his phrase with "Well mom, you see"  I know he's asking for something crazy & I will end up laughing with or at him.  Has been known to stir the pot to see what will happen.  Harry can cook a mean steak, no really, it melts in your mouth.  Loves butter & chocolate milk, but not together.  When I act crazy he shakes his head & walks away.  Has a great group of very tall friends that call him Midge, and he owns it.  As of 2017 Harry is a junior in college studying building science.  It's hard to believe he'll be a senior in college next year.  He hasn't changed a bit & loves to pull pranks on his college roommates.  He cracks me up!

Child number trios.  (that's three in French)  Loves everything French since Hopson started taking it in the 7th grade.  Only girl, easy going, low maintenance, and perfectionist.  (I'm not sure, but I think she gets that trait from her dad...just kidding, I know where she really gets it.)  Elizabeth is a photographer & has had work published on this blog, (duh, I'm her mom.) her own webpage,  The Style Gathering, and B-Metro just to name a few.  She cares deeply for people and knows how to capture them through the lens of her camera.  Elizabeth is not afraid of a challenge.  She knows it is something that will make her stronger, smarter or better once she conquers it.  Even though she is a fierce competitor, she brings a softness and grace to our family, but mess with a brother & she becomes as fierce as a mama bear.  As of 2017 E is a senior in high school & has been accepted to college.  She's living everyday to the fullest for her last year in high school, but secretly can't wait to go to college.   

The baby, although not a baby anymore.  Henry, even as early as pre-school, has shown a heart for others; has a gentle spirit; and is an old soul.  He acts much older than his 15 years.  He doesn't think twice about doing something when you ask.  I'm sure some of that has to do with being the youngest and being bossed around by everyone.  Henry is a great builder.  From a young age everything he built was complete and balanced.  He would get Lego sets, have the thing completed in an hour & then taken apart and build into something else.  He is about to start high school, and that is just crazy.  He loves to compare books with Hopson, make Harry mad & hang out with Elizabeth.  His smile and laugh are contagious, and he completes our family.  As of 2017 this little kid is not so little anymore.  I really need to update his picture.  Hen is 15 & is a driving machine.  He is a freshman in high school & I can't believe I only have 4 years left with him at home.  I know it will fly, so I'm holding on to each day.


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