About A Year in the Life

I started this blog on my 40th birthday.  I wanted to document my life in words and pictures for a year.  Part of me just wanted to see if I could do it.  My goal was to pat myself on the back after a years time because I blogged for 366 (yes it was a leap year) days straight.  What I learned, through my failure, is that life happens.  It doesn't always come in a nice pretty box with a big red bow on top, but it's coming whether I want it to or not.  What I learned in the year was how incredibly blessed I am everyday.  I had to put my to do list away and learn to live life.

Now I use the blog for my musings.  Things I want to celebrate or rant about can be found here.  Things that move me and break me can be found here.  There are many writings I have completed but may never publish.  It's a place for me to collect my thoughts & sometimes my very being.

I hope I make you think & question things.  I hope I make  you laugh & cry.  I hope I make you want to celebrate life!

Thanks for reading!


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