They Say It's Your Birthday...

...It's my birthday too,  yeah!  I was going to put the clip from 16 Candles on here, but they say a few not very nice words & um, I couldn't bring myself to put a link to the clip.  So, there's a video of the Beatles singing it live.  It's amazing how sensitive I've become over the years.

Me at 42
Well, it is my 42nd birthday & this blog's 2nd blogaversary.  Wow, I'm 42.  I remember when I used to think anyone 40 & over was old as dirt.  (That included my parents. I thought they were ancient.)  Funny how when it's you facing the numbers they don't seem so old anymore.  I still feel like I'm in my young 20's...I just don't look like it anymore...and I'm not quite as fearless with some things as I used to be.  I mean, I  used to jump from high places.  Counters, stools, stairs, fear.  Don't judge, I'm 5'2.  I need a stool to climb up on my bed.  Now if I have to climb up on a bar stool to reach something I'm super careful climbing down.  It's outright pathetic.  I don't want to break an ankle.  Imagine me trying to explain that one. :/

It's funny how what I want for my birthday hasn't changed that much.  Ever since I could remember all I ever wanted was for people to wish me a happy birthday.  I don't need presents.  A phone call, facebook message, text, email...I'm not too picky.  I also DO NOT want to cook on my birthday.  I cook a huge Christmas Eve dinner, a huge Christmas day breakfast & last night I cooked another huge dinner, and I'm tired of cooking.  I'd rather eat a Waffle House on my birthday than have to cook again.  Nothing against WH, I think I may go there for dinner tonight.  I could go for a waffle right now come to think of it.

Just in case you're wondering, I have had a nice birthday so far.  I was able to get some housework done before I went to workout this morning.  (working out makes me a nicer person & I'm surprised my family doesn't want me to workout all day long.)  The fam took me out to lunch, PF Chang's, yum!  We then had BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!  Just in case you're wondering, chocolate cake, raspberry glaze in the middle & chocolate frosting.  Hop, Henry & I (the other three went hunting.) went to see the movie Frozen & now I'm spilling it to you nice people.  I still have a few hours of my birthday, I think I'll go fold some laundry.  I know, that's no fun, but if I get it done I won't have to do it another day & maybe tomorrow I'll go get a pedicure.  I gotta milk it for what it's worth.  Or maybe I'll just have another piece of cake.  :)

We have two more family birthdays this month.  Hopson's birthday is the 30th.  He shares his birthday with my mom's angelversary.  (16 years on the 30th.  Wow that's a long time.)  Harry will be 17 on the 31st.  My little New Year's Eve baby.  Yea, birthday cake for days!!!  I love birthdays.  I'll be celebrating even when I'm's just a number anyway.

Celebrating another year of life!

PS ~ I want to wish a Happy Birthday to two friends I always call on their December birthdays:  Lisa G. who has a Christmas day birthday & Amy S. who has a birthday on the 28th.  Love my friends who know what it's like to be one of the forgotten ones.

PSS ~ Also, if you know me, you know I absolutely hate having my picture made, so I did the one above myself.  Me at 42...


  1. You look 35, so no worries. Plus, Leah and I plan on taking you and the crew hang gliding on your next trip to Tampa. I hope your birthday was deserve it!


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