When I Grow Up

You will be glad to know that I have finally decided what I want to be when I grow up.  I know I'm 42, but hey, better late than never.  I have decided to be...a Disney princess.  I have thought about this and I have very valid reasons for wanting to be one.

  1. Disney princess are smart.  I know most of them don't come across that way, but when you dig down into their personalities they are.  Most of them end up in some sort of perplexing situation and they have to use their resourcefulness to get out of it.  The only two, I think, who have to wait to be rescued are Aurora, in Sleeping Beauty & Snow White.  
  2. Disney Princesses are kind.  Every single one of them is kind to others.  Some may be bristly, but under that rough exterior is a caring young lady.  Some have to deal with hateful step-families, people who have kidnapped them, beasts, war, evil magic, and uncontrollable powers.  In the end they put all of it behind them and show kindness and thankfulness.
  3. Disney Princesses are adventurous; unafraid to take risks; will go after what they want; and
    put their own lives on the line to save another.
     You can guarantee that they will mess up along the way, but fear of doing something wrong does not keep them from trying.  A lot of times we learn more through failure than by success, and when we've had to work for something it increases the value of it.  Some of these princesses stand up to those in authority because of injustice.  Yeah, they can be pretty fierce.
  4. Disney Princesses are talented.  Some of their accomplishments include: singing, dancing, painting, fighting, hunting and cooking.  They want to use their talents to be better people.  They are pretty spectacular.
  5. Disney Princess are beautiful.  I saved this one for last because it is the most glaringly obvious. Yeah, I'm that shallow. You show me a woman who doesn't want to be considered beautiful & I'll show you a woman who not telling the whole truth.  Do we as women just want to be seen for our superficial beauty?  No, but the princesses beauty is not just wrapped up in how they look.  It is also represented in how they act.  Are some of them headstrong?  Yes.  Are some of them defiant?  Yes.  Do they put themselves and others in danger?  Yes.  But through it all they are still beautiful.  They have character.  Do I want to have a beautiful character as well as beautiful looks?  Why yes, yes I do.
I don't know what my Disney princess self would look like.  I have brown hair. (naturally speaking of course, and I keep noticing lots of streaks of gray, hence the highlights)  My hair is naturally curly, but because I look like Merida from Brave when the weather is humid, I get it straightened.  My eyes are hazel.  I don't quite have the shape I had pre-children.  My shape is more round than hourglass.  OK, I'm picturing the fairy godmother from Cinderella instead of Cinderella herself.  It's all in good fun though.  I do wonder what I would look like, maybe I would just look like me.  I know that I have to choose each day how I am going to live my life.  Today I'll work a little harder to fulfill the five reasons Disney princesses are so great!

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