My Life in the Fridge

A friend of mine called today & when we were swapping what we were up to, she mentioned she was cleaning out her refrigerator.  It made me think of my fridge & what a mess it is.  I really wish someone would come over & clean mine out.  I just opened my refrigerator a minute ago & yep it looks like I thought, a mess.

I'm not a fan of messes.  As a matter of fact, I would go as far to say that it is one of my pet peeves.  Just FYI, I've been peeved for a long time. ;)  No one else around here cares if the house is clean or clothes are folded & put in the proper place or for that matter if the fridge is clean.  Yep.  Just me.  All by myself, over here in 'I have to deal with everyone else's clutter because they can't seem to put anything where it belongsville'.  But I digress.

When I looked in my fridge today I realized it feels like my life to some degree.  It's crammed full of a little bit of everything.  Some of the stuff in there is leftover from days before; some of it makes life taste better; some stuff should have been thrown away a long time ago.  Oh yeah, it's also cold in my fridge & with this winter we've had I cannot get warm, even though we've had a warm up for a few days.  Hopson will come home to me cooking dinner with my heavy down jacket & a warm scarf over all my clothes.  Yes, it's a personal problem, but it's one I can't seem to fix.

I am going to clean out my fridge today.  I'm going to throw away stuff that needs to go & organize the things that can stay in a little longer.  If only life was as simple.  :)  It's all good though, everyone is healthy and we've started lacrosse season & spring is on its way.

Celebrating Life & simple things like a clean fridge!


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