Write It Down, I've Officially Lost My Mind

Well, I've done it.  I've officially gone & lost my cotton picking mind.  You know, my life is crazy.  (like every mom I know with multiple involved children.)  Crazy but manageable.  April is beyond it all.  Here's a sampling of April:  Relay for Life, Prom, Interviews for a friend, lacrosse games, practice, dance, dance tryouts, photo classes, an art show & I'm co-chair, Easter, college child's finals & move out by May 2nd.  Yeah, this month is going to be nuts without anything else thrown in, but with everyone's ages it is also easier.

Three kids still at home:  all can wake themselves up; shower; clothe; brush their own teeth; wipe their own bottoms; tie their own shoes; make their own lunches. I have one crazy chihuahua, almost 6.  Pretty much house broken.  She doesn't chew up underwear, socks or anything else any more.  It's good.  Well, it was.

I want to thank my brother & sister-in-law for introducing me to my new puppy, Allie.  Allison Magnolia to be exact, but Allie for short.  Yes, you read right, our fam now has a new puppy.  You know why God made puppies cute?  It is so when they poop on your floor, or chew up your underwear, or chew on your furniture you won't kill them.  And let me tell you, she is so precious.  I haven't slept in a week.  No really, I feel like I'm back in newborn baby phase.  Needy needy needy, this puppy is needy.  And I'm exhausted.  She sure is pretty though.  She is going to be HUGE.

Yesterday was 1 week that Allie has been in the fam & it was yesterday that Bella (the crazy chihuahua) finally accepted & actively played with her instead of trying to bite her head off.  I thought I was going to have to get B some doggie Xanax.  Maybe I need the Xanax....  This morning I took that crazy dog out 7 times by 7 am & you know what she did?  She pooped on my floor not once, but twice.  (insert HUGE eye roll & huff here)  Really? Really?!  Yes, I stood in the cold (it's cold at 5am) every 15-20 minutes so the dog would have an opportunity to not use my house as her piddle pad.  I don't want to be mean & put her back in her crate, but I will if I have to.  :/

Oh well, I'm going to Zumba.  Right now both dogs are outside in the beautiful sunshine & Allie is crying to get back in.  Someone needs to remind her she is a Lab & loves the outside.  Maybe I can do that tomorrow.

Celebrating Life & crazy puppies,


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