From Their First Kiss

Celebrating 50!
The three brothers:
Hopson, John & Will
My in-laws, Peggy & Walter, have been married 50 years.  You know, that is an accomplishment.  It's actually hard to believe it's their golden anniversary, because they don't act like they are old enough to be married that long.  They don't behave act like they are senior citizens & every once in a while you see that little twinkle that has helped them be so spry.

Fun with cousins
For their anniversary, the family headed up to the beautiful mountains of Jonas Ridge, North Carolina.  Peggy grew up in Morganton about 30 minutes away, and it has been a favorite spot of theirs for a long time.  It is lush, green and the temperature was wonderful for the middle of July.  We had an adventurous time visiting with family we don't see very often.  It's just fun to see fam you don't get to see very often.  We went hiking.  The children went down a rock slide, swam in freezing cold water, and swung from a rope swing.  They shot bb guns, and luckily no one put an eye out.

Walter asked a few people in the spring what he should get for Peggy for her anniversary present.  What do you get someone you have known for over 50 years?  Is there anything super special that would move that person?  Sometimes material things seem so fleeting.  He received several suggestions.  I'm know all of them were good, but I'm a little partial with what he decided to give her.  We were talking about gifts & I tried to think of something only he could give her.  After a lot of thinking, I thought of a love letter.

He is the only one who can and should write her one.  We talked after he had written the letter & he decided to have it written in golden ink calligraphy & framed.  When I saw the finished product it made me so happy.  The words and how it looked are beautiful.  He decided to read it to everyone & I don't think there was a dry eye in the house.  As he was reading, I started to think about the legacy they are setting for the family.  It is a legacy of love.  I know that is the kind of legacy I want to leave.  Peggy & Walter have been my parents longer than my own parents were, and they have loved me as a daughter, never as a daughter-in-law, or outlaw.  ;)  Legacy of love.  We asked Walter when he knew he wanted to marry Peggy & he said that after their kiss at Moon Lake, Mississippi he knew he wanted to marry her.  :)  I think he said it was their first kiss.  When then turned the question around on Peggy to see when she knew she would marry Walter, her answer made us laugh.  She said it was not the night of their first kiss.  They told us many funny stories & we videoed all of them, and had many laughs.  It's good for a family to share laughter & love.

So, Peggy & Walter, Happy Golden Anniversary!  May you have many happy returns & increase your legacy of love each  year.  Much love to you both!

Celebrating Life & 50 years of love,

PS~ a special thank you to Elizabeth for letting me use her pictures, these are just a few of her great ones.  :)


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