We Put the Fun in DysFUNctional

So, this past weekend the entire fam went to Oxford to visit the grandparents & go to to the Auburn/Ole Miss football game.  It was nice to spend more than 10 minutes with Hop, and it's always nice to be spoiled by my in-laws.  Tickets, check.  Very warm clothes, check.  Tailgating, check, and as far as tailgating goes, The Grove is iconic...and...a little crowded...and...a little rowdy.  We passed about 7 different Elvis impersonators.  (hilarious)  Most tents are decorated to the hilt.  (love it)  The food is second to none.  (my pants are a little tighter today.)  It's funny because when the game starts, there are about as many people in the Grove watching the game on TV as there are in the game.  It's great!

Our game plans were varied and interesting.  Hopson wanted to say in the Grove to watch the game on TV.  Hop, Harry & nephew Garner all went into the game & sat in the Auburn section.  We're trying to talk G into coming to AU, but he is a Mississippi State man & really wants to go there.  He wore his State gear to the game.  (that would be like an AU fan wearing orange & blue to a UA game when AU & UA weren't playing.)  Elizabeth, Henry & I sat in the Ole Miss corner of the far end zone by the student section.  We were 3 Tigers in a red sea, and we kept our mouths somewhat shut, for various reasons.

Now, E looked at me & asked why there was a black bear dressed up instead of a Rebel.  I giggled & then as I started to explain everything, I realized that there are a lot of teams that have dysfunctional identities.  We  have our reasons for them, but we have them none the less.  I'm going to list 4 of them below & you decide for yourself.  And since it's easier to start with pointing the finger at my team first, that's where I'll start:

  1. Auburn:  Mascot: Tigers.  Battle cry: War Eagle!  There is The legend of War Eagle, and it's the legend you will read first that is the widely accepted version of how our battle cry came about.  Since my children were little, they have been able to sing the fight song.  What can I say, we start their indoctrination early.  (ask my father-in-law who accidentally bought Alabama booties instead of Auburn ones when little Hop was born...bad, bad, bad.  He took them back and bought the correct ones, but I have loved giving him grief for the last 20 years.)  By the way, if you ever get to go to an Auburn game, make sure 1.  to look us up.  We have a tent where we tailgate & would love to feed you & 2. that you make it in before the eagle flies during pregame.  If you've never seen the eagle soar through the stadium, it is an extremely cool experience.  
  2. Alabama:  Mascot:  Elephant.  Battle cry:  Roll Tide.  Team called:  Crimson Tide.  Being an Auburn person, I'm not in the know about all their lingo & traditions.  (I can't even say Rok;j;lkj Tilskdfjl;sk, see what happens...)  I do know that someone said that they looked like a crimson tide or something like that... ;)
  3. Ole Miss:  Mascot:  Rebels/Black Bears/Landsharks  Battle Cry:  Hotty Toddy.  All the different names are actually kinda fun.  I think there is a silent majority that would like to drop the Black Bears & just go with the Landsharks.  The phrase Landsharks was started in 2008 by an Ole Miss linebacker, Toney Fein to describe the defense.  I have to tell you, I like it.  We saw a ton of people wearing shark hats; they have a 'Fin Cam' during the game; & you'll see the D do it if they make a great play.  I agree with the majority, y'all drop the bear & bring on the shark. 
  4. Mississippi State:  Mascot:  Bulldogs.  Battle Cry:  Hail State.  Official "thing":  the cowbell.  I am not Christopher Walkin & do not need more cowbell.  Not really a fan of them.  I migraines fairly easily & those things will set one off in a heartbeat.  At least they are doing better about not ringing them once the center goes over the ball, but still, someone pass the Advil.  We have family ties to State.  Hopson's brother is a graduate & niece Margaret was a student & nephew Garner wants to go there.  We like for them to do well, as long as they don't get in the way of Auburn going to the SEC Championship.
So there  you go, fun in dysfunctional.  :)  Auburn won the game Saturday night, and while I am excited about that, it's hard to get too excited when a player is seriously injured.  One of Ole Miss's best receivers, Laquon Treadwell, suffered a horrible season ending injury.  I pray for him get well wishes & a very speedy recovery.  He had a great game & it was a nail biter until the end.  Thank you to Tracy & family for allowing us to hang out in their tent!  We appreciate your hospitality & as always would love to host you next year!

Celebrating life & the dysFUNctionality of football,

PS ~ We also had a great time visiting with family.  GiGi & Pop let us invade their house this weekend & we had a ball!!!


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