Always My Child

Harry 18, Hopson 20, Elizabeth 14 1/2, Henry 12 1/2
I love this time of year.  I love it for all the reasons I've said in dozens of different posts over the years, but I think today I love it because it means all my chicks are here in the nest, and my home feels complete.

The other night I was sitting at the computer writing & heard the high pitched tapping sounds of the ping pong being volleyed from one side of the table to the other from up in the playroom.  I stopped and just listened.  I heard brothers talking & laughing like they did when all four were here all the time.  It was a beautiful sound and it made me smile.  It's amazing how things change when just one is gone.  The schedule isn't quite as robust; there's one less mouth to feed; and there's a little less talking and laughter.  So, I love this time of year.

I love it that Friday we will all go see a movie like we did when the four were little.  I love it when Hop will talk books with Henry.  I love hearing the laughter of all of them together.  It makes my heart overflow with love and happiness.  This is the best Christmas present my kids can give me:  to love our family & each other.  That's all I think I ever really wanted from them and for them anyway.  I want happiness, harmony and love to abound, always.

Harry is finished with half of his senior year.  In the fall, another little bird will leave the nest.  We will have two gone and two still here.  I don't know if I'm ready.  I know I wasn't when Hop left, and I don't think I will be when Harry leaves either.  But, I have to let him go.  Come fall it will be time for my Harry to spread his wings and soar.  Oh it makes my heart hurt just to think about it.  So as Scarlet from Gone with the Wind says:  "I won't think about that today; I'll think about it tomorrow.". Or better yet, 8 months from now!

For my children, may you always have a home filled with:  compassion, happiness, stability, safety, harmony & most of all love.  Y'all have always been my greatest gifts!  I love you bunches & bunches!!!    

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