Time Offers Great Perspective

My dad, close to the same age
as Hopson is in the
picture below.
The day my dad passed away he was 44 years, 1 month & 15 days old.  It's amazing how time offers perspective.  A 20 year old sees their 40+ parents as a little aged.  Yeah, they have their moments when you can see them as they were 20 years ago, but they are still old.  Time has made that 44 years seem younger and younger.  I'm sure my kiddos think Hopson & I are older than dirt.  Hopson & I don't make a habit of acting like we did in our 20's in front of our children.  So, I guess in some ways were are old mature.  :)  I've been thinking about all the different aspects of this for the last few weeks.  I was so distracted by it one day that I may or may not have accidentally run a red light.  

February 15th Hopson will be 44 years, 1 month & 15 days old.  The exact age as my dad was May 7, 1992.  The day of his death.  Hop is the same age I was, Harry the same age as my sister Amy & Henry is the same age as Cotton.  I can't imagine losing Hopson at the age he is now.  There is so much life we have to live together.  There is so much we have to do.  We have children to raise and grandchildren (God willing) to spoil.  We have trips to take and life, precious life.

I can't image my mom's heartbreak.  She had known my dad since they were 5.  They dated throughout high school; were married when they were 20; and became parents at 24.  They had bumps along the way as all marriages do, but they stuck by each other for better or for worse.  I watched my mom care for my dad for 3 years as his health declined.  I watched her honor him in his last months, weeks and days.  I saw their love when I was home, and I saw her comforting people after he died.

Hopson close to the
same as my dad
pictured above.
So, to honor my parents and to honor Hopson on his 44th year, 1 month & 15th day I am choosing to live.  Live the life my parents didn't get to.  I will love a little bigger and laugh a little longer.  I will not take this day for granted.  I will live this day because I'm not promised tomorrow.  One of my desires is that my children can look back on their childhood and say they were raised in a home full of love and laughter; and that they were taught valuable lessons that will carry them through life.  I hope it is a family tradition they will pass on to their children.

I want to do all this "because the greatest of these is love".

Celebrating LIFE,



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