Coming Up for Air

It's May.  If you are a mom with multiple children at home, you know what that means.  It means it's crazy, and you don't know your name; your children's names; or really what day it is.  Most of my mom friends will tell you May is worse than December.  We all have to stick together to make it through to the last weeks of school, sports, dance, graduation etc.!

Sports teams are starting to wrap up.  If you had rain outs during your season you very well could end up with 4 games in a week...because we all have time for that.  There are team parties, coach's & team mom gifts.  Don't forget teacher gifts, dance teacher gifts, bible study leader gifts, Sunday school teacher gifts...well, you get the idea.  If you have a graduating senior, hold on tight, because it's a world wind that everyone just expects you to know about.  Parties, gifts, gifts and parties, there's a little school thrown in too.

Today, I sat down for 2 minutes and came up for a little air.  I was about to read my online hometown daily news & it dawned on me, today is May 7th.  May 7th doesn't have the dread it once did.  It's a day I have to really think about remembering.  23 years ago today my dad passed away.  You've read the story.  Wow, 23 years.  He's be dead for more years of my life than alive.  Yes, I know it's a depressing thought.  But you know what I've learned?  Life goes on.  I can sit around and wallow in my grief or I can remember him with a smile, be thankful I had as much time with him as I did, and see him reflected in the life that is around me.

First off, he and Hopson would have gotten along so well.  I could really see them doing things together.  My dad was a fixer and builder, and so is Hopson.  They both love the lake and Auburn.  I know daddy would have loved my husband.  I know he would love being around his grandchildren.  I think he would love that Hop is not afraid to branch out and try different things, that he is about to be a junior at Auburn and loving life as a college student at his alma mater.  I think he would love that Harry is going to be an Auburn freshman in the fall & would laugh at his crazy personality, and how he can work a room.  I think he would be giddy that his granddaughter, Elizabeth, is tough and sweet at the same time (and doesn't do to shabby in the classroom).  I think he would love that Henry is named after him and loves to build and fix things like he did.  I try to keep him alive to my kids.  He may be gone, but he's not forgotten or unloved.

So, now that I've come up for air, it's time to dive back into the pool & rock the rest of this month.  I do have a graduating senior... :)  Remembering with a happy heart full of love!

Celebrating life!


  1. Oh how I can relate! A graduation party coming up in less than two weeks and the planning hasn't even begun. Senior awards day was yesterday and it finally hit me like a ton of bricks. She's leaving. And I'm going to miss her. We have some major changes coming our way and any amount of prayers would be so well appreciated.
    You are an inspiration and I look forward to every single post.
    Much love,


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