The Old Lady in the Room

UAB Sigma Kappa 2015 Colonization Class
Today was an exciting day.  It was one of those days that you celebrate the joys of youth.  It was the kind of day that old people watch and smile and remember when it was their turn to celebrate and be celebrated.

Today my sorority colonized a new chapter.  Sigma Kappa is now part of the sorority experience at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  I am so excited I can't even stand it. The young women in the room were beautiful, smart, enthusiastic and diverse.  A colonization class is special.  They are the trailblazers.  They will set the tone of the UAB chapter for years to come.  If what I saw today is an indication of this chapter's future...WOW, these young women are going to rock this sorority thing!

I was talking with all the alumnae in the room, and the really neat thing is, there was only one from my home chapter.  Alumnae groups are made up of women from all over the United States.  It's your love of your sorority that brings you together.  We were all talking about how contagious the new members excitement was.  While they were playing icebreaker and get to know you games, and laughing and cheering each other, it took me back to my pledge class.  (Back then we called ourselves pledges.)  My pledge sisters are some of the sweetest strongest ladies I know!  One alumnae texted her besties in her new member class just to tell them how much she loves and misses seeing them.  I miss seeing a lot of mine too.  Families & work sometimes get in the way.  ;)

As we were talking, I discovered I was the old lady in the room!  WHAT?!?  I thought I was 29, max.  My age snuck up on me!  OMG, I was the oldest in the room!  No wonder I was so nostalgic.  Just call me dirt, because apparently I'm as old as it is.  I can't remember when I've ever been the oldest, unless it's in a classroom or doing something else where I'm dealing with kids.  One new member made my day.  Because we were all still in our white dresses from the ceremony, she knew who the alumnae were, not that our grey hair or wrinkles gave us away. :)  She ran up and said "I need a selfie with each one of you!"  Um, I'm old enough to be her mom, and I'm not that cool.  But she insisted, so we all obliged.  It made the old lady in the room feel a little younger!

Elizabeth and I had a great laugh about my situation today.  If I didn't laugh, I would probably cry & life is too short not to take the good with you and check your age at the door.  And today was definitely a good day!  

Celebrating being young & young at heart!
Celebrating Life!


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