It's the Real You I Love

A letter:

Dear sweet high school girl trying out for __________,  (insert your team name here)

I wanted to let you know that God really doesn't care if you make said team.  Yes, He gave you the ability to throw a layout full; pull a firebird right after you've done 8 turns in second; have the largest range in the choir; be able to debate the questions until your blue in the face; kick and catch any ball,  but that's not what He cares about.  He doesn't love you more because you've made those teams.  He loves you. Period.  Every little flaw you think you have, He created, and in reality it's not a flaw, only you just think it is.  He thinks you're beautiful and wonderful and His.

Have you ever noticed when people make or do something great they always praise God's name and quote scripture?  Have you ever heard anyone praise Him when they didn't get something they've trained years for?  When you've been rejected and told you're not good enough by the world's standards, can you stand up and say God is good?  When you have to do it, it will be the hardest thing you will ever do, but you will find something in the loss.  You will find Him and possibly His will for your life. Don't justify not making said team by saying 'well it just wasn't God's will'.  Ugh, I hate that.  To me that makes God sound shallow and fickle, and he is anything but.  God's will for your life involves His plans for you sharing His Word and kingdom.  Sometimes He allows us to have the desires of our heart to turn us back to Him.  Chew on that for a while.    

I'm going to tell you a secret.  Several in fact.  
1.  Life will kick you down at some point in your life.  And sometimes kick you again, just for good measure, while you're laying there on the floor.  You have to realize we are only passing through this life, and our main job on earth is to get up off the floor and share the love of Jesus with as many people as possible.  
2.  In 10 years, no one will care if you were a cheerleader, on the dance team, choir, debate team, or if you played football, soccer, or lacrosse.  What they will care about was how you acted towards people.  Are you a mean girl?  No one likes a mean girl, even those who claim to be her friends.  
3.  Remember that dancing, cheering, debating, playing sports is what you do & not who you are.  If your identity is wrapped in those things, you are going to be empty in the fleetingness of it.  At some point down the road your body won't be able to do the things it once could.  Your joints will pop and your muscles will be stiff.  It's just the way of things.  So find your identity in Christ, in whom and through whom you were created. 

Tryout season at our high school is pretty much over.  There have been heartaches and happy tears.  Congratulations to those who made the teams they wanted, and for those that didn't:  get up, practice harder, and tryout again.  But above all:  be kind, do good, have a oneness in your heart with God, and love His people, because God loves the real you.



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