What Is Going On Up In Here?

As you know, the fam has a new puppy.  Love our Allie.  She's so precious & just a mess.  Tomorrow will be two weeks since Als came to the fam.  It's just a crazy life with a puppy.  Love it, but as I wrote in my last posting, I'm just glad it won't last forever.  Of course she already has several nicknames; everyone in our fam has nicknames.  Allie's are:  Allie Cat, Als & Allie Girl.  Harry calls her Dumbness.  It's to match Bella's nickname of Stupid.  (Harry's friends call Bella Stupid too. :/)

But my oh my, what is going on up in here???

Because of the puppy, Bella (the Chihuahua) has become the neediest older dog.  We've had to move her food bowl into our bathroom because Allie will gobble her food down & then muscle B out of the way to eat her food.  So, Bella now eats in my bathroom & will not eat unless someone is sitting there with her.  :/  Yeah, that's just what I have time for, to watch the 5 1/2 year old eat her food...slowly.

What is going on up in here???

When ever we call Allie, Bella will come running.  You can't pet one dog without petting the other.  If you pet one too much the other gets more needy and they kinda get into a shoving match to see who can muscle their way for more affection.

What is going on up in here???

Allie will not go outside to the bathroom unless someone is walking the yard with her.  Especially in the middle of the night.  (I love being woken up in the middle of a deep sleep by a whining puppy or whining older dog.)  We have a fenced in backyard.  She is a lab.  Labs are supposed to love to run, chew on sticks, eat rocks and play in a fenced in backyard by themselves.  Not this lab.  She looks at me when I open the door & she waits for me to take the first step outside.  She loves the sofa & will grab your spot in a heartbeat.  

What is going on up in here???

I tell what is going on, my dogs are training me.  It didn't take too long really.  Just shy of two weeks.  I didn't even get any treats.  Oh well, I guess I'm considered part of the pack.  :)  We did turn a corner last Sunday in that Bella has for all intents and purposes accepted Allie.  She will chase and play with Allie on her own terms, and only growls and bites her on occasion.  Yes, that is a HUGE improvement.  B can be a grouchy old lady.

I can't wait to see what will be going on up in here this week!

Celebrating Life with my crazy puppies,

On a side note, Miss Allie has learned her name; will sit and speak on command; has a few occasions, taken herself outside to use the bathroom if the door is open so she can roam in and out of the house; she will release things she is biting or chewing on upon command.  She will be 15 weeks old Tuesday & have to admit that I've been working really hard with her.      


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