2nd Verse Same as the First

Let me start by saying that I am a rule follower, at least most of the time.  But there are days I just forget.  I forget that: I'm not infallible; I'm not indestructible & I'm not in my 20's anymore.

You might remember that a few years ago I popped my right calf muscle open.  I'm not going to lie, it hurt, badly.  A few years earlier I popped my left calf.  Well at least I ended up being even.  When I was 20 I tore my meniscus. It was a beautiful April day and waaay to pretty to be going to class.  Especially when I had a better offer.  I heard the lake calling my name.  So there are my big injuries in reverse order.  Fast forward to last week...

...I'm working out.  I love to workout, I feel so good when I'm done.  (and it allows me to eat without guilt.)  The ole' knee has been hurting for the last 8 months.  When I went to the doctor in August, he said I had bursitis.  An old person ailment. Insert frownie face here.  Well, I've heard it said that when you turn 40 your body starts falling apart.  I am starting to believe it.  The pain has spread to the back of my knee.  I went to the doctor again last week because I felt a little pop.  Pops in your legs are NEVER a good thing.  He said that it is my where my hamstring goes into my knee.  He said it was strained.  He said to rest it it & ice it.  

I listened, sort of.  Over the weekend I did rest.  I didn't paddle board, or swim or do anything that would irritate it.  I decided that when I went to work out I would take it easy.  If my knee started to hurt I would rest or stop.  I did great.  I made it through muscle works and Zumba.  Then my instructor told me about a great small group she was in.  It's a dancing small group.  Well, YES to that!  I am a dancer.  I hear music and I can't help it.  My body just moves.  

So I drop Elizabeth off at her pointe class & go to small group.  By the time I get there, everyone is warming up.  The class is full, so I find me a place in the back & join in.  At one point I did look around & notice how y.o.u.n.g everyone looks.  I'm the old lady in the room.  But no worries, I am a dancer.  A dancer with a bum knee, but a dancer none the less.  Well, we're doing leaps and turns across the floor.  The knee is long forgotten, I have to show these young whipper snappers that old lady still has it.  Or she did...

...Until I felt a huge pop in the same place I felt the little pop.  Bad, this is bad, this is very bad.  My whole body is shaking.  I think I'm going to barf.  I'm just going to stand here & breath nice a deeply through my nose and out through my mouth.  (like I'm trying to breath through a contraction)  Do you think it would be bad for me to lay down and cry?  I almost did.  I made it through the rest of class marking everything.  When it was time to get E from dance I limped to my car & the muscles in my knee were throbbing & I almost threw up driving.

It's Thursday now & my knee is a little better.  At least I can walk on it today.  No, I'm not going to the doctor because:  1.  there is nothing they can do for a severely pulled or torn muscle and, 2.  I can't go back and tell my orthopedist what I did.  Yes, I'm a chicken.  

So it's the second verse same as the first.  When I can do everyday stuff and not feel it pull so badly I'll be good.  I do think I'm going to muscle works tomorrow though & just do upper body.  Not working out since Monday is not good for my sanity.  So back to square one & trying to remember that I'm not 20 anymore. :)

Celebrating Life & dancing my way through it!


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