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What I'm sharing is all over the internet today & I'm going to post the link below, because it is THAT IMPORTANT.  What I've learned is not to be shy to fight for things I think are right.  No matter who might mock you for it.  (and trust me, they will mock you behind your back)  I have so much respect for this mom because she didn't back down even when administrators tried to poo poo her for just being the mom.  In my humble opinion, (well, I'm pretty opinionated, so it's not really a humble one is it...) we have a government that is grossly overreaching into the private lives of our dependent children.  They basically have said that they can raise our children better than parents can.  (It was Melissa Harris-Perry & click HERE to see the link.)  Um, I've seen the way the government handles things (VA, Insurance, prisoner exchanges, education) so I'm just going to say a big N-O to that, thank you very much.  

They are coming after our children in multiple ways & it's time for it to stop.  Don't be like the camel with his head in the sand; this kinda stuff is going on in the schools too & we have to work together to stop it.  Someone needs to get the hospital in the blog posting (and the government for that matter) a Constitution & Bill of Rights for Dummies.  I'm not kidding.  Or maybe the people who passed this stupid law the hospital is over enforcing should be required to take a test before entering politics to make sure they understand basic government.  Yeesh!

Ok, I'm getting off my soapbox now!  You need to click HERE for the link to the posting you need to read even if you don't read anything else today.  The posting is called:  Where I Am:  I. Am. The. Mom.

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