Please Listen Closely...

...Because our automated menu has changed.

No, no, nonono.  Do you know how much I despise automated menus???  Um, A WHOLE LOT!  I really hate the ones that have the condescending voice with them.  "Ok, let me see if I can help you."  (Charter...)  No you can't help me because you can't talk to me!  You know who I want to talk to?  A real person, who speaks great English, because I live in America!  I've just started pressing '00' to get to a customer service representative every time I hear a d*%n automated voice.  I don't care if the company thinks it's faster, more efficient or better for their bottom line, I need a person. A real living breathing human, who can laugh at me if I do something totally stupid.

I actually changed credit card companies a few  years ago because I always got an automated answering service & it took 20 minutes to speak to a real person.  It didn't take 20 minutes because I was on hold, it took 20 minutes because it didn't  understand my '00', which everyone knows means put me through to the humans.  The system would just hang up on me.  I now use Capital One & you know what?  Every time, and I mean every time, I call I get a real person on the phone after a few rings.  They are chatty when I need them to be, always helpful and just happy.  They are located in Orlando, and I think that's why.  I wouldn't be surprised if Disney owns Capital One, because they are the DW of credit cards. (and no, I'm not a paid spokesperson, but they have my loyalty)  When Elizabeth was going out of the country a few years ago, and I was a slacker getting her a prepaid credit card she could use in Canada, which doesn't exist, Capital One hooked me  up & FedEx'ed me the card to make sure we had plenty of time before she left.  Their customer service is second to none.

You know, if you have good customer service, I'll become a very loyal patron.  If you don't hasta la vista, baby.  Mama don't have time to be listening to a machine.

Thanks for letting me get this off my back.  I have been dealing with automated systems this morning & I just want to jump through my phone and slap whomever thought this thing is a good idea.  Am I the only one who feels like that?  You know misery loves company so I would love to hear your funny stories with automated systems.  :)  OK, now I feel better.  Oh, gotta go, the '00' worked!

Celebrating life & talking to real people,


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