Some People Just Have It

...and some of us try really hard to get it.  Once in a while we'll catch it, and the rest of the time we chase it.

I have realized that I'm a mediocre photographer at best.  Like that blind squirrel, I will occasionally find a nut.  When I take that one really great picture, you better believe that I will get it printed & share it!  I used to think I had potential...but sadly, I don't.  I'm just going to keep hoping I get lucky, and celebrate when I do.

You might be wondering what helped me realize my mediocrity?  It was my daughter, Elizabeth.  A few years ago I was taking pictures at one of Hop's football games & she wanted my camera to take pictures.  I thought, ok, why not?  She was only 12, and it was a chance for her to learn a few things about basic point and shoot photography.  I didn't see my camera for the rest of the night.  Now that I really think about it, I didn't see my camera a lot.  I was fine with it though, because when we looked through her pictures, they were always much better than mine.  Not just a little bit better, but a lot better.  She just seemed to capture the moment perfectly.

She just sees things differently better than I do.  The more practice she has the better she gets.  Every time I go through her pictures I'm amazed at how she captures, well, everything.  For the love, she made a picture of a basketball goal look amazing.  I know what you're thinking, it's a basketball goal net, what's so special about it?  It's the lighting, and the blue of the sky, angle of the net, it's just everything.  Not everything she takes a picture of turns out well, and we have a great laugh a those pictures, but she tries to find out what she can learn from those shots.  Always learning and always trying to do her best.

I recently did a few look books of my favorite pieces for her to show people her work.  (in all honesty, I could probably make 10 of them)  Some of the pictures make me laugh, some make me cry, and some make me want to write.  Am I biased, maybe a little.  But, one thing I do know, she has a natural talent and I'm a wanna be.  :)  We have fun with it.  She is the teacher, and I will try to be a good student.  If I could just get the hang of aperture.... :)

Celebrating life & appreciating children's talents,


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