You Know You Want Some

BBQ the Bucs
Big & Midge
#1 on your plate & #1 in your heart

Every  year to raise money for Relay for Life our local high school hosts a huge event called BBQ the Bucs.  (This is one of our big rivals.)  Teams sign up to compete in the category of their choice:  hamburgers, chicken or steak.  The competition is judged and winners are announced.  Who will be king of the grill?  

This is the 2nd year that Harry has competed with his friend Anthony.  The name of their team is Big & Midge.  You understand the name when you see the picture of them together.  :)  Harry and Anthony have been friends, I think, since they were 2.  Old friends are special, and theirs has always been an easy going friendship.  We love Ant.  

Last year Big & Midge came in 2nd.  Harry was not very happy with that.  He felt team Big & Midge deserved to win.  Since they didn't, those two redoubled their efforts.  Harry has been perfecting his steaks for a year.  I had one two weeks ago & it was absolutely incredible.  Juicy and a perfect medium...oh so good!  I'm not saying that as a proud mom, even though I am, I'm saying that as someone who's been slinging hash for over 20 years.  It's easy to mess up a steak.  (trust me, I've messed up 1 or 10 or 20.  Well, not really that many, but a good 5-7...)  Chicken is easy to grill, but I have a hard time grilling a good steak.  Harry has a secret ingredient he puts on his steaks that make them melt in your mouth.  I could tell you what it is, but I'm not.  :)  

For 2014, Big & Midge won the steak division of BBQ the Bucs.  So proud of those two.  They worked very hard to win.  They are #1 on your plate & #1 in your heart!  #bigandmidge  #grillkings & you know you want some!!! 

Celebrating being #1!  Congrats Big & Midge!!!


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