A Little Bone to Pick

I have a little bone to pick with Team USA.  Hey y'all, will you please sing our national anthem when you win the gold medal?  I mean, you're standing there on the top level of the podium; the gold medal is hanging around your neck; our flag is being raised above all others; our national anthem is the one being played; and you are just standing there.  You are a citizen of the greatest country in the world.  Sing, please sing.  If you're not going to sing, then I want you smiling and/or crying like crazy.

I can't even imagine all the work you have done to get to the point where you are now.  All the years of training, and forgoing a 'regular life' to pursue your dream.  I'm just a random mom from Alabama, but my patriotism is deep.  When you medal, we all medal.  We love your spirit, love it when you recognize your competitors, and love your sportsmanship.  Remember that there are hundred of thousands of little children watching you and wanting to be just like you.  Make us proud. 

Week one of the 30th Olympiad is over.  Your country stands behind you; we'll be cheering you on; blogging and tweeting about you.  Go Team USA!  Win the gold!!!

Celebrating Life,


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