Well Good for Fair Fanny Petro

This is one of favorite sayings from the movie, The Help.  The way Skeeter says it with just the right touch of 'I don't give a flying monkey's behind' is perfect...I.mean.PERFECT.  And you have to say it like  you are from 1960's deep south.  Which means you don't really pronounce your r's.  Here's the clip from youtube.

This is a saying I'll say sometimes if somebody is talking about something I don't give two shakes about.  I thought it just a few hours ago as I was listening to the radio.  But to back up just a bit so you know why I said it...

...The older I get the more I don't  understand our fascination with Hollywood stars, musicians, and people who play collegiate/professional sports.  Most of them are not worth our time of day.  There is a large portion of them that are just, well, trash.  If they were living in your community, and were just a plain Jane normal person, you probably wouldn't have anything to do with them.  I mean think about it.  Is it that we love watching a train wreck?  To see their lives spiraling out of control makes us feel better?  I don't know, but a few years ago I decided that I wasn't going to spend my precious time and money reading about people that I wouldn't even associate with even if they wanted to associate with me.  Just sayin'.

My grocery list as of 2*21...I'll add some more to it
before I go to the grocery store. :)
So, I'm listening to the radio & the host comes on and talks about how everyone has started going googoo over Britney Spears' grocery list.  Apparently she is human after all, and like most moms needs a list to remember everything.   I'm just glad she's decided to act like a normal mom should act.  What is most disturbing to me is that the list.has.gone.viral!  What?!  Who gives a hill of beans what's she's buying at the store?   I mean come on people, really?  Did you expect to see hair clippers, 1 gallon of vodka & some black eyeliner, and that's all?   Oye!

I've decided, just to let you all know that I'm somewhat of a normal mom, I've included my most recent grocery list.  It is incomplete because I will add stuff up until I actually walk into the grocery store.  Feel free to make it viral.  ;)  I know you're dying to know what I get at the grocery store too.  Or, in the wonderful words of Skeeter:  "Well good for fair Fanny Petro!"  :)

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