The First of the Rest

Well, today is the day.  I'm 40.  I don't feel any different than I did when I was 18.  A little chubbier and a knee that had surgery in college & creaks a bit, but that is really all.  Not too much to complain about. I don't need glasses.  I have 4 crazy, healthy & beautiful children.  I have a husband to loves me, and just shakes his head when I start acting a little nutty.  I am not perfect, but am greatly forgiven;  I am blessed beyond measure.

Sunrise December 26, 2011

Because I was born at 6:20 am, I wanted one of my first pictures to be of today's sunrise.  I'm glad to see it because it rained all day yesterday & more rain is coming through today.  I love sunrise.  For me it is the possibility of new opportunities where anything can happen.  It is a beautiful time of day.

My 40th birthday cake

I love birthday cake.  It's yummy & it makes me happy.  I told my mom when I turned 21, and I didn't have a cake, that I would never be to old for a birthday cake.  I know for some they don't like be reminded it's their birthday, but it's just a number.  Notice the orange and blue flowers.  When I asked my husband about it he said that since I love Auburn, he had them put our alma mater's colors on my birthday cake.  Just for the record, I like pink and red flowers too.  I love the 'Super Mom'; it's a nice touch. 

May y'all be blessed today!
Celebrating the first day of the year!


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