Joy Overflows

Harry oozes personality.  He has a kind heart and an easy smile.  He can argue his point like a seasoned attorney, and if you give him any hope that he can win said argument he doubles his effort.  He is good at what ever he puts his mind to!  He draws people to him where ever he goes; he makes me laugh.  He likes to be called El Jefe, which means, 'The Boss' in Spanish.  And I don't think Harry has ever met a stranger.  What you see with Harry is what you get.

Harry's birthday is very interesting.  Hopson and I are both late December babies, and we always said we didn't want a child to  have a Christmas/New Year's birthday.  We may not have wanted a December baby, but as usual, God knew exactly what He was doing in bringing us Harry on New Year's Eve. 

Harry's birthday strattles the day my mom passed away & her birthday.  I never have a chance to be sad because I am too busy being happy about my sweet Harry.  He brought me so much comfort, and was a wonderfully sweet baby.  He barely ever cried, and was so beautiful.  I would wrap my body around his at night and just smell him.  There is nothing better than the smell of a new baby.  I wish they could bottle and sell it.  I'd buy it...a lot of it. 

Harry will be getting his learner's permit in a few days, because the DOT is closed on Saturdays.  We will have another driver.  Yea!!!  I can't believe that he is 15.  He's growing up too fast.

Harry you are a wonderful son & I hope you know how much you're loved!  Never lose your zest for life & I hope you kill a big fat buck today!  Happy Birthday Harrison Cotton!  You add personality and light to our family.  I love you very much!

Celebrating your special day,


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