Mail Time!

I guess it's one of those days....  You know how I know that?  My mother, who has been dead for almost 15 years, received 3 pieces of mail today.  Yep, three pieces.  Now they were from:  Medicare, Humana, and United of Omaha Life Insurance company, so it was basically junk mail, but hey she received it.  I guess that makes her popular.  (Hoppy received two mailings from two different colleges today.)  I didn't get any mail.  I think that makes my mom more popular than me.  Can you see the 'L' on my forehead?

To all the companies out mom passed away December 30, 1997 of metastatic melanoma.  She will not be applying for medicare or any kind of insurance.  She can't buy magazines or anything for that matter.  She can't vote. (but if you're reading this you can, so I hope you voted today!)  Oy!  Sometimes I'll open her mail, but normally it just goes into the recycling bin.  :/ 

The children like to go through the mail to see how much momma gets.  They say "Hey mom, Nana got mail!"  We laugh about it.  Some days I find it funnier than others.  Today kinda counts as an other day.  One piece is easier than three.  Oh well, it's just mail, and it's just another day.

I'm going, I need to shove some food down Henry's throat...he has a football game tonight.  Go Vikings!

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