You Don't Mess with Mojo

This is the play the mojo happened.
Um, yeah.  I don't believe in mojo, but I'm sure not going to mess with it.  I have accidentally, totally unintentionally, mess with him, and you know what, we lost.  I don't mess with him if I can help it.

Is this behavior extreme?  Yes.  Is it logical?  No.  But again, you don't mess with mojo.  He is fickle, and he is mean. 

The first time I realized I had messed with mojo was week 5 of the football season.  My lucky Rebel pin fell off my jacket & I looked down at the game & it was missing.  You know what happened?  We lost.  (Harry found the pin the next morning when he stepped on it.  Whew!) Last Friday, big Hopson couldn't find his hat he'd been wearing the entire season & settled on another hat.  You know what happened?  We lost.  We don't mess with mojo.

What I wear every game.
Last night our quarterback's dad decided to mess with mojo.  I told him not to.  I told him that you can't thumb your nose at mojo, he doesn't think it's funny.  He's spiteful & will make you pay.  Everyone around me started giggling.  I know they thought I was crazy.  And I am, but I've been watching high school football for a long time, so I know the ins and outs of mojo.  (I spent 4 years on my fanny learning about mojo with my brother & after he graduated is when Hoppy became old enough to start playing little league.) 

So, QB dad puts on the hat, that he was supposed to get at the beginning of the season, but by an oversight, received it last night.  He was very excited.  It has his son's number on the back with their last name.  (this happens to be the exact hat big Hopson couldn't find last Friday)  I completely understand the excitement over the hat.  Only senior parents are allowed to get one.  Parents wait four years to get their hat & when you get it, you proudly wear it!  But, I told him not wear the hat.  He promptly put it on his head.  I told him that if anything bad happens...the hat comes off. 

We were on offense first.  You know what happened?  The second play of the game we throw an interception.  ...mojo... The hat promptly came off & he didn't wear it the rest of the game.  We ended up winning 44-28.  You can laugh all you want, but like I said, you know mess with mojo.

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